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January 2010 Weddings

Poll: What would you do differently?!

Okay girls, now that we are all on the other side, what would you do differently with regards to the wedding? Anything and everything.

Re: Poll: What would you do differently?!

  • I think honestly, I would elope. I know that DH feels the same haha. It was so stressfull and there were alot of let downs with regards to MIL (almost put FMIL haha) and the biggest vendor of the entire wedding! The photog!  We would spend more on the honeymoon and stay longer. Plus, I feel guilty, like maybe I pushed having the wedding for the wrong reasons. Reasons like having our first dance, and having all these pictures, and having the dress, and yes seeing his face when I walk down the aisle. All these things are important, and were worth it, but in hindsight, he and I would be the same couple with or without these things. I hope that doesnt sound too terrible. And I hope I explained myself sort of decently?!
  • honestly, we were planning on eloping before we even got engaged...i had researched info on weddings on the beach in st. thomas and everything...then we got engaged and since DH has 8 siblings, and all have different financial situations, we knew not everyone could go...so we planned a wedding in our state. i think that we also would have just gone to a beach somewhere quiet and private. sure, i am in love with my wedding and how everything turned out, but every now and then during the planning i just kept thinking about how nice it would be to just have planned something on a beach.

    I also would have tried to plan a honeymoon sooner...its killing me to wait this long! i do absolutely love our wedding date though, and i would NOT change that!

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  • I actually would not have eloped ... I really enjoyed my wedding, and the bulk of my stress during the planning was for the most part not actually wedding related.

    However. If I got to do it again there are 2 things I would have done differently:

    1) I would have either had a receving line, or I would have made sure DH and I said "hi" to everybody before the entree was served. We kept trying to make the rounds and ending up on the dance floor instead (We had a blast). Amd it got to the point where it was right before cake got served (Which was an hour before the reception was over) that we finally said "Ok, we have to finish greeting people" and it started to feel like a chore, which didn't seem right.

    2) It never dawned on me to do this, but I apparently should have (And had I known, would have) explained to the photog that I wanted pictures of everybody at the reception. I think I actually would have been b!tchy enough to say to him "See the girl in the prom dress? We hate her. One or 2 pics cuz she's the Best Man's date is fine, but otherwise, I don't want to see that monstrosity".

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  • I wouldn't elope either, the whole weekend was great.  But if I had a chance to change a couple things I would have,

    1.  Left my shoes on for longer and gotten a lot more pictures of them

    2.  Told the photographers to wait to leave until after we'd done the Hora, those would have been some awesome pictures.

    3.  Proofread the programs more closely!  I told them to put a note in there that we were having a formal receiving line after the ceremony and they mistyped it and said we were having a formal receiving line at the reception.  So only a few family members came through the line and we had to do longer table visits at the reception.  This delayed the dancing by an extra hour and people started leaving before the party got started and I blame this for people not dancing the party falling apart by 11pm.  *sadface*
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    *I would have taken the time to reapply my lipstick.  I LOVE LOVE LOVED my red lipstick and it all faded off after all the ceremony kissing!  It was worth it, though ;)
    *I would have told my dad to smile in the formals.
    *I would have taken a picture or two outside, just me and H.

    I think that's it!  H and I are both really happy with the way everything turned out.  People can't stop talking about how much fun they had, and that was our number one goal going into planning. 

    Now would I do it all over again?  HELL NO.  :)
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  • I wouldn't change anything actually.  Well, maybe stopped time, but I don't think I could have done that.  The night FLEW by.  Everyone had a blast.  It was a fantastic day and night.  The pastor called me by the wrong name, it rained all day, and someone's cell phone went off during the ceremony, but that all added to the memories.  Plus, the whole name and cell phone thing kept me from crying like  a baby during the ceremony!

  • My fiancee wants to elope, but we have a toddler and I am an only child. We had a date at our local church but then he suggested having a very small destination wedding with our direct family :). Now he only wants us two at the wedding :(. I understand he wants it more intimate but I would hate for my mother and son not to be there. I definately want a destination wedding but he said we either get married here with no guests only family and fly out to our honeymoon :/..rrgh! Any suggestions?
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