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February 2010 Weddings

5 months....

or 153 days and counting...and still so much to do!Anyone have any fun updates or checks?

Re: 5 months....

  • Congrats on the 5 month mark!! I think I have another week to go to get there.  I did my hair and makeup trial this week and did a b-pic session yesterday for FI as his gift!  How is everyone else doing on planning??
  • I can't even believe time is flying by SO fast!!! We did a good amount of wedding stuff over the weekend. Looked at rings, invitations, registered for bedding. Tried to finalize ceremony music (which is turning out to be very difficult).  And we have our first shower in a couple weeks! SO exciting!!!
  • I also have a few days to go until my 5 month mark! I still need a florist, videographer, and a baker!! I was supposed to meet with a baker yesterday, but he got sick, and he didn't want to pass the sickness along. I am meeting with a florist tomorrow that I have met with before. I am taking her more pictures so that we can hopefully get a price quote soon!
  • I put the deposit down on the florist yesterday! I'm thrilled about that. I've just sat down with FI to review the budget, guestlist and make the head count for the RD. Not too bad, still on track with the budget. I'm booking my hair dresser this week, too! Wee! I have also set a work-out deadline, ie, scheduled our e-pics session for November. I am determined NOT to hate the pics because of how I look so it's P90X for 60 days, plus salsa class 3x a week (we're starting our choreography next week). First dress fitting will be right around the e-pics time, for obvs reasons :-) I feel like I've gotten a lot done, but still have tons to do!
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