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Honeymoon planning troubles

OK...we are trying to go to Hawaii and I'm scouring everywhere for the best deals.  Problem is....everytime I call on something...they say they can't guarentee the rate for next year, so they won't give me a solid quote yet.  They say I can book, but won't be guaranteed a rate.  Are your honeymoon prices set?  What am I doing wrong?  I just want to find a good deal and book my honeymoon!

Re: Honeymoon planning troubles

  • Have you tried going to a travel agent? I know most people now just try to book everything themselves, but with something like a honeymoon I went right to our travel agent. We're doing a cruise so everything is set in stone for us. Sorry I can't be more help.
  • Ours is set but it is a cruise and I used an agent. But I had the same problem as you when I originally tried to do things by myself.
  • I'm thinking about going through an agent for our hotel room in Vegas. I can't get anything set in stone through the hotels yet, but I don't want to wait to book. May be easiest to try and book through an agent.
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  • I never heard of that!If you are booking now then you should pay the current price and that's that!I agree with Misa tho..travel agent is the way to go for a HM.In fact, our flight is set but our TA said if the resort offers a lower price anytime from now til the time we leave we will get that lower price...And also, I was hesitant to go to a TA bc I thought it'd cost more but his price was about $2k less than if we booked it ourselves through expedia or travelocity etc...
  • Its not unusual for a hotel  to tell you that they don't have prices set so far in advance.  While we were looking at wedding venues we were also considering a destination wedding ... so we were at the travel agent end of April beg of May looking for prices for the week between Christmas and NYE and alot of places couldn't guarantee rates for us. Your best bet is go to a travel agent - normally I'd book vacations ourselves but for the HM I'd rather let someone else do it and possibly get us better rates.
  • I agree about a TA... he explained to us that they don't CHARGE YOU MORE... they give business to certain places so those places want to work with them, since they get more business, so they give better deals. We picked a guy who is a Sandals pro (platinum, one of 15 in the world!) and got us a kick-butt deal! AND he provides free honeymoon registries!If you want, they will still work with you from afar, they are AMAZING and I will NEVER travel without them again- www.beachbumvacation.com I worked with Robert but you might ask for a Hawaii specialist.
  • I think asking a travel agent is a good idea.  I am noticing some of the same issues.  We went to a travel agent at AAA and booked out hotels for Hawaii.  We got a great deal with Sheraton and Ritz Carlton through them.  We're looking for flights on our own....and they prices keep going up. I'm hoping that the prices will come back down in September.  We're waiting. 
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