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March 2010 Weddings

Wedding Gown

I am going this weekend to try on dresses...I was wondering if any of you know how long it takes to get a dress once ordered, and is full payment due upon ordering...just trying to prepare myself so there are no surprises :)Thanks!

Re: Wedding Gown

  • like PP's said, it variesOrdered the dress in late April, just got the call last week that it's in.I paid 50% down at the timeBalance is due when I pick it up in August.  Actually, they will be storing the dress until I call for alterations (in December/January I guess)Alterations do cost more...allow up to $150 for those.
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    Wow!! I better get going on getting a dress I'm gonna be cutting it close if it takes 6 months!!
  • Also, if you find a dress you like consider getting the maker and style number and searching for it online. I did this and found my dress for $280 cheaper and the website threw in the veil and shoes for free. So all-in-all I saved myself $500. Free shipping too. And the website said 16-18 weeks for the dress to arrive but on the phone they said they had it in stock and it arrived in a week. So really, do your homework before giving your money to a gown shop. They mark up the dresses a lot.
  • I went tonight for the first time -- I went to priscilla of boston and fell in love with 2 dresses.  I am going shopping in nyc this weekend with my mom and mother in law and all the stores know my wedding date and nobody said anything about cutting it too close.  Priscilla said 6-9 months, but if i ordered in the next few weeks it would be fine!
  • I went to Davids Bridal and I had to pay 100%, but I also had it shipped to me (I live over an hour from the nearest Davids and I bought my dress in NC, over 7 hours away!). They told me it would take about three months, it was here in one. 
  • It depends on where you go (places like David's are probably a little different then smaller shops). In my situation (I ordered from a little hole in the wall shop) I ordered by dress in February and was required to put 50% down, they said it would take about six months and, in my situation, it took more like five months because it is here already. I had to pay the remaining balance when it arrived and they are holding it for me...alterations are additional.Good luck and have fun!
  • I ordered mine from Alfred Angelo last November and it came in this March.  I didn't plan on getting mine so early, but it was a very unique dress and I didn't want to risk it being discontinued.  When I ordered it, it was half down and the other half paid when it came in.
  • I got mine from DB. I ordered it a few weeks ago and it's in already. They wanted me to pay upfront full price. We opened a DB credit card and it's 0% interest for a year, so that works!
  • I'm from CA i ordered my dress 7/11 and it should take about 5/6 months i paid 60% and i don't have to pay for the rest until two weeks after the dress arrives. Make sure to look online and take lots of pic when you go into the stores. Sometimes bridal salons are willing to give you a discount just ask. GL
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