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Need Your Shoe Help...

http://misspug.blogspot.com/2009/07/shoes-bangs-head-against-wall.htmlThat's my most recent shoe post... HELPPPPPPPP! I can't find stinkin' green shoes that are right (I want a 2-2.5 in heel, peep toe, and some sort of ankle strap hopefully, in green!)

Re: Need Your Shoe Help...

  • How are you with DIY, you can always buy some RIT dye (like $3.00 at Michael's, Walmart, etc.) and dye your own shoes and then buy some clip ons and add those too. Here are some directions courtesy of Knottie "The Salty Peanut" from the DIY board: DIRECTIONS1.  Fill a deep pan (deep enough to submerge both shoes) with enough hot water to cover both shoes.  Turn on stove to medium heat.2.  Fill sink with luke warm tap water and have a pot holder near by.3.  Add Rit Dye.  For my baby blue (something blue...) shoes, I used "evening blue."  Stir mixture well.4.  Add shoes.  Press on them with a spoon and "stir" them a little bit.  Try and keep the water temperature consistent. 5.  Achieve desired color (less than one minute for my baby blue shoes)  Bring pan to the sink and place on pot holder. 6.  Transfer shoes to the sink full of water.  Rinse well and dry with a towel.7.  When shoes are completely dry (overnight), affix any additional items to shoes. 
  • I just checked out NinaShoes.com...sign up for enewsletter for 10% off couponFree shipping over $100.00what I would do though is get a white shoe in; make sure it is comfortable and then return it, and reorder the same shoe in the dyeable version.
  • I agree with Cara.  I definitely like the Nina shoes the best.  I'm looking into the Culver too because they sure beat spending $200+ on other shoes.  Let me know if you go for them and how they feel!
  • UGH I know guys they're so gorgeous! I emailed customer sevice  (I signed up for the nina email) asking if they could send me a swatch of the color since the "apple" green looks more kelly green on my computer. We'll see!
  • How bought these?? http://www.shoebuy.com/colorful-creations-shine/217841/473496I picked these for my BMs and i LOVE them...they're peep toed (check!), ankle strap (check!) but a little higher than you asked...however there is this one: http://www.shoebuy.com/colorful-creations-prima/234247which is the same but a smaller heel (i gave my taller girls this as an option).You can have them dyed any color you want, andthey came to less than $50 after using some promo codes I found for shoebuy...
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