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March 2010 Weddings

Winter or Spring?

My fiance and I are getting married on March 13th. I cant figure out if it should be a winter or spring theme. i was goin with winter. To the point where I was actually starting to buy snowflake things. Then my mom said it seems like it should be spring. I asked my fiance and he said spring as well. I've asked a few others and get mixed responses. So what do you all think? Is early March winter or spring?

Re: Winter or Spring?

  • weather wise it could go either way, but I would treat it more as "hint of spring"...you don't have to go all out...maybe do pale blues and silvers but skip the snowflake motif?My wedding is march 6, and we're using creams/blush pinks for our color palette.  but the girls will wear caramel (light brown) colored dresses so they don't look like easter eggs lol. 
  • well it "technically" is still winter but the first day of spring is march 20th so i'd say it's closer to spring than winter but i guess whatever your preference is.  i think i would only throw a winter theme if it was in january or february when it's really cold and snowy here.  but that's just my opinion.
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  • I like pp idea about having some light colors without going all out with snowflakes or sunflowers. Seeing as how I have dark colors for my wedding, I'm really not one to give any advice. LOL
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  • I think it also depends on your area...Im in Phoenix.  As it doesnt normally snow down here we're doing spring.  And we went for darker jewel tones since we're having an evening reception.  It gave spring but not the pastel colors-FI said it was too easter...and said absolutely not!! :)
  • I like the idea of the hint of spring. I'm getting married on the 20th, but I'm doing a beach theme...I totally bypassed spring and went to summer. :P But honestly, you could go either way...people might get confused if you use snowflakes [since a lot of people associate March with spring], but you could still incorporate both seasons.
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  • We're not doing a full-out seasonal theme, but I will probably have hints of spring and winter. I am hoping to have tulips for centerpieces, and I think we are putting penguins for a cake topper. Honestly, we don't really start to even see spring around here (Ontario) until about mid-April.
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  • I'm in NY and while its not uncommon to have snow in March I don't think I'd go for winter theme with snowflakes - to me that more Dec/Jan MAYBE Feb.  My BMs are wearing either navy blue or a dark purple but their flowers will be more spring like.  By March I know I'll be completely sick of winter and ready for the warmth!
  • Personally I think that you could do both! We are doing a winter wonderland theme sorta.... our colors are blue and silver and we found some great ideas for center pieces that involves christmas ordiments ( which will be on sale after christmas). What are your colors again?
  • Even if it isn't quite warm where you are I would stick with early Spring.  Spring doesn't have to mean pastels.  Just incorporate color.  We're doing blues from indigo to a colonial or wedgewood blue with ivory/off-white with punches of silver and green.
  • I would go with whatever you want!  I'm getting married the same day (March 13th), and the cake that I fell in love with (that made me change my wedding colors!) has snowflakes all over it!  While I'm not having that cake design, I am still having those colors for my wedding:  main color is dark pewter, with splashes of a more-blue-than-greenish-teal.  (Plus I hate pastel-y spring colors...ick!  Ha ha ha!)I agree that it depends on the area you're in.  I'm in MI, and up here, we could have 2 feet of snow on the ground during March, or we could have flowers already!  LOL  But you're the bride, so you do what you feel is right!
  • i found a great place for my reception. But the colors in the venue or gold, burg and green.. carpet that is. Beautiful but my wedding is in march. How doo you picks colors to make everythinig blend?  Its later March 23, so dont think I can do dark colors.... HELP
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