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March 2010 Weddings

NWR -- FIs 30th

FI is turning 30 in January so I am giving him a 30th bday party. I was thinking of making it an 80's theme, since he was born in 1980.  I made cute 80's themed invitations and will play 80's music.Any other ideas to integrate the theme into the party? Also thinking of ideas for center pieces...thought about  making giant rubic's cubes out of cardboard boxes but might be tough...any ideas???Thanks!!!!

Re: NWR -- FIs 30th

  • PS I am also on a TIGHT budget, as the party is 2 months before the wedding!!!!
  • what if you found some old 80's toys to make as part of the centerpieces...He Man, Ghostbusters, Transformers? I like the rubics cube idea though...cute!
  • My sorority in college did a big 80s night every year. We served snacks that were big in the 80s...we did KoolAid, Pop Ice Popcicles, and some other foods. Google 80s foods maybe? You could always just print out pictures of 80s stars or movie posters (from google images) and put them on the tables for centerpieces. We had pictures laying all around everywhere. In fact, our big "special guest" table just had mirrored squares, the pictures, and some fun colored candles. Just some ideas....
  • Are you having everyone dress up in 80s clothes? I like the candy idea.Our FI's are the same age, except my FI's birthday is 6 days after the wedding. He gets a honeymoon cruise for his birthday (lucky guy!)
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  • Oh, I just thought of something else!I always see these lists about things that were happening on your birthday. If you could look it up for his birthday and see what was big news in 1980, what was really cool, etc, that could help you incorporate more things into the party. HTH!
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  • Check out these centerpieces for 80's themed weddings:


    ask about wholesale discount.
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