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Nest board?

So, now that we're all old married women, is one of us supposed to go and start a March 2010 Nestie board or will it automatically be started for us?
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Re: Nest board?

  • No idea.  It sure would be nice to kind of stay together though.
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  • I think it automatically starts for us at the end of the month?  If you go on the nest and select the March 2010 Anniversary board it brings you here.

    I guess we'll find out this week if it starts automatically!

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  • I was wondering about that myself ... if there's not a specific place for us I'm not sure how much I'll be around.  I'd rather "stay" with everyone if possible, kwim?
  • I was wondering the same thing myself! The Feb 2010 board was made for the I hope no one forgot about us!
  • I would think that it will just automatically switch over on the 1st.  We shall see soon enough.
  • Exactly what I did today! I typed into the address bar - it directed me to the Nest, then the community anniversary board directed me here!
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