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Anyone who's married...

around and want to share some funny stories for our last group of brides this weekend?

I'll start: my dad almost dropped me during our dance! He's a good dancer (like, actually knows ballroom dances), and of course in proper dancing the woman always goes backward. So the song starts, and he starts moving me backward...which is impossible in my giant cupcake dress. I'm yelling "I can't go backward, I can't go backward!" apparently with a look of panic on my face according to the people who were seated closest, but he doesn't process what I'm saying until I step on my dress and start to fall backward. He has a bad knee, so I was worried that he wouldn't be able to catch me and instead we'd both end up in a heap, but luckily he grabbed me before I fell too much and promptly switched things around so HE was going backward. It made for some good pictures after the fact of both of us laughing :)

Plenty of little things went wrong (and not so little things - the wine situation I mentioned before), but it all just made it more human and natural instead of some cookie cutter event.

Re: Anyone who's married...

  • really the only funny thing i cant think of was right before we cut the cake we hadnt discussed if we were going to be polite or smush it so right as we were doing DH said "please please dont push it in my face" so i told him i wouldnt, he seemed quite adament about it. so he fed me my piece of cake and i clabbered him right up the nose (meant for face but oh well) i got a pretty good laugh, poor guy had icing coming out of his nose!

    the dj also had the guys do a dance off to win the garter...that was pretty funny...break dancing and all!

    but really thats all i can think of off the top of my head lol.
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  • We had tons of things go wrong...some were funny some weren't so funny.  Funny- our Ring Bearer forgot to carry his pillow that I searched forever to find. The MOH got in her dress and it ripped the whole way down and my dad had to sew it 30 minutes before the ceremony started.  Our dj moved the unity candle from where we put it and didn't tell us, so when we went to light it we walked around and around looking for it (we looked like idiots)!!! LOL
  • My funny story is during the ceremony it was super windy.  Like insane wind.  We were in a valley up in the mountains if that helps set the scene for everyone.  At one point while we were standing at the front with the minister all of the guests started laughing.  I had no clue what was going on, I just saw my aunt mouthing something to my sister then my sister was tucking something down my wrap.  Apparently a huge gust of wind came and made my veil stand straight up off my head.  To quote my H's uncle "it looked like a rocket was blasting off."  Thanks.  My sister grabbed it and stuck it into my wrap to keep it under control.  My hair was a mess during the reception from all the wind, but whatever.  Glad I could make everyone laugh while they were freezing their rumps off...

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  • Well mine is from the start of the ceremony. Right before my dad and I walked out I started to get shakey. I just said a little prayer and said, Lord please help me get through this, best foot forward. Let something silly happen to make me smile and help me relax. I walked down the aisle to him no problem. But when my dad handed my hand  to him he sweetly put his arm around my waist as well. HUGGING my veil out of my hair. lol When we went up to the altar and sat, my veil had almost completely fallen from my hair. I whispered my veil is falling out and so is my hairpiece. He was so calm and collected just turned around and tried to pin it back in. After a few seconds of that it wasn't gonna stay. So I giggled and said,  "its fine I am here with you and the best is yet to come :) "
  • I dumped the colored sand for the sand ceremony all over my MOH at the rehearsal dinner, then all over the table during the wedding.

    We planned our whole day around what time we would be leaving our reception.  We were leaving on the train, which has a station in the same parking lot.  The day before the wedding, MIL called asking about our departure plans.

    A bit of background:  There are two train stations (one by the pier, one at the north end of town) and two train companies (Amtrak and Metrolink) that operate in our city.  Metrolink calls the station near the pier "San Clemente Pier" and Amtrak calls it "San Clemente".  This was information I did not know.  oops.

    In the end, we were able to still leave on the train, but we left an hour later than we had anticipated.  We were able to say goodbye to all of our guests and the reception was all cleaned up before we left.  We had a much more private departure with just MOH, her parents and two of my friends.

    We were blessed with clear skies on the first day in nearly 3 months.  A few sprinkles for good luck came just after the guests had left and as far as I know we only had one person who needed a ride home. :)
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