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March 2010 Weddings

The very last checks! :-)

Ok, so FI was dragging his feet, but we did our last checks!

-We moved him to my apartment.  Luckily, all he wanted to move was his dresser, hanging clothes, and a few other things...so there was room for all his stuff pretty easily in my tiny 1 bedroom apartment.

-We bought all the groomsmen and usher gifts. FINALLY.  Got them some cool T-shirts from FI's business (he owns a motorcycle shop...so they are cool shirts), a nice pocketknife (he said..."none of those dumb engraved ones.  Let's go to the outdoor store and buy real ones." haha so we did!) and each guy got a unique gift to them (an A & F shirt, a nice pocket flashlight for our hunter friend, a hat and frame, and a really cool car tool set).  Sooooo glad to have that done.

-And we decided on our vows.  We tried writing our own, but we kept coming back to the traditional "repeat after me" type.  So we will be traditional and we like it.  We practiced some online, and I got a little weepy! :-)

I can't believe its wedding week!  Saturday I'll be married! :-D

Re: The very last checks! :-)

  • Those are great checks!  take a deep breath and enjoy the last minute details.  your wedding will creep up on you quickly!
  • Great checks! I can't believe it's only 5 days away!
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    PGAL/PAL Welcome


  • Good job! FI and I are also sticking with the traditional vows. :)
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  • great job!! WOW!! 5 days!! I look forward to seeing all the pictures!!!
  • Can't believe it's so close and we finally made it! We went back and forth on whether to personalized vows.   We decided to go with traditional, and then since we have 10 minutes of seclusion after our Jewish ceremony (a Jewish tradition), we will do our more personalized vows then.
  • Great checks!  Enjoy this time.  I have a feeling it will go by quickly.
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