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March 2010 Weddings

wedding day pics

I don't know if anyone else out there is like this - but I absolutely HATE getting my picture taken. Hate. Sincerely. So does FI.

We hired a photographer and everything, because we do want some photographs of the day, but I am very uncomfortable being the center of attention and having all those cameras pointing at me.

So my questions are:
 - are you doing a "must-take" photo list?
 - if you are extremely camera shy, how are you dealing with it?
 - is anyone  NOT taking traditional photos and just taking more of a photojournalistic approach?

Re: wedding day pics

  • We are doing a "must take" list, but it's rather short

    Neither of us feel super comfortable with the idea of being followed around all day with a camera, and our photographer is really good at blending into the background so hopefully we won't have a lot of the posed shots and will get a real feeling of how the day is. 

    I'm not a fan of the traditional photos and neither is FI.  Our photographer specializes in photojournalistic.  I would just talk to photographer and let them know what sort of style you are looking for, that way you can get pictures that you and FI love!
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  • We will meet with our photog and walk through the venue and I plan to give him a list of a few photos that I definitely want to take, but most of the photos will be documentary in style.  There will be a few posed pics with the bridal party and then we will do some on our own...thats probably it for the posed pics
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  • All of ours will be done more photojournalistic than posed.  Neither of us are particularly photogenic, so this style works better.

    I did fill out a "must have" list but it included things like "a REALLY good picture of FI's parents and my dad" instead of "dress on hanger" or the like.  Our photographers seem to have a good handle on our personalities (we've met 5 times now and haven't had a single pic taken!)

    We'll have the WP picture taken, but not in a line or v-shape.  
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