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March 2010 Weddings

Another hilarious RSVP

I got a call from my folks.  Crazy uncle from Kentucky is coming with his ex-wife and they both want beef.  He'll send his card in the mail.

Last night i got the RSVP card.  He marked "Decline" and put a "1" next to chicken. 

Re: Another hilarious RSVP

  • Oh good grief.  I'm glad you're laughing at it, at least!  People are so crazy!
  • aweeeesooommmmeee!!!!

    We got a RSVP last night from FI's cousins who said "no" via their mother.  Totally screwed up my table assignments (but I dealt and stuck them whereever there was open space)
  • People are nuts and weddings just accentuate that.
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  • The very first RSVP I recieved was the only funny one. I was so excited when I saw it in the mailbox, couldn't wait to rip it open. And when I did...it was completely blank. No "accepts", no "declines", I had a spot for "song request"...nothing there either, and no return address.

  • HAHA - how are people so completely clueless?
  • I totally needed something to make me giggle.  Thanks for posting this!
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  • I've gotten 2 completely blanks RSVP's. It's pretty funny
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  • I had gotten 3 blank RSVP's too.  I am not sure where I heard this but I put little numbers on the inside of the RSVP and wrote down who had each number.  That way I could find out who it was who sent it back.  (Apparently, this happens frequently)

    I thought it was a good idea until everyone asked me what the numbers meant.  They were so small, I didn't think anyone would notice them.  My FMIL asked if it was in order of importance.  Maybe she was upset her number was 51...
  • LOL "order of importance!"  Buahahahahahah!

    I did the same thing, and I'm glad I did. I had a good half dozen come back without names.  Also had a gift come without a name.
  • Wow...crazy uncle indeed!
  • Oh man this thread is making me laugh. I love it!
  • Order of importance and man dates!! I love it! I also did the numbers on the back and was so thankful I did when FI called me at work and said..umm two people from Florida are coming but I don't know who :)
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  • Who knew the drama with RSVP cards????? :)

    I also did the numbers on the RSVP cards. Good thing, when I got a response the Brangelina, their 4 kids, and 2 security guards would be attending. The sender was so disappointed that I knew it was her. She wanted to hear me complain about the crazy person who sent it in and how I wouldn't know how many people to expect! Tongue out
  • This thread is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!Smile

    (we will def be numbering RSVP cards too!)
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