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March 2010 Weddings

Anyone else?

Feeling a little sad that the planning and the day are over?  Don't get me wrong I'm loving that we are starting our life together but its a differnt feeling when Say Yes To The Dress comes on ... or seeing the ads here.   Well at least I'm flipping over to baby makin mode now lol  so I have *something* to focus on.

Re: Anyone else?

  • I don't miss the stress, but I do sort of miss the fun and the excitement of rushing to the mailbox for RSVP's.

    I'm not in baby making mode, however, we did get a new puppy so I'm plenty busy!
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  • Both Husband and I are a little sad.  Throughout the honeymoon we kept talking about how we couldn't believe after 2.5 years of planning it was over.  It went so quickly. :( But I do love married life too!
  • Yeah I'm sitting here at work wondering why my thoughts have been so empty lately. It's because the wedding isn't filling them up! It's weird. Since January 2009 I've thought about the wedding daily and now it's just like.. hmm, ok, now what? We're moving soon which is good and I'm taking classes, so my time is filled but my thoughts really aren't.

    Baby making mode probably won't start for awhile, but we're already getting hounded. Anyone else?
  • You are definitely not alone.  I know everyone always said the wedding would go by so fast, but I never expected it to be over in the blink of an eye.  I'm bummed it is over but happy to have my life back with my wondrful husband.  We delayed our HM 3 weeks so we have that to look forward to.  After that, it's baby making!  Laughing 
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  • Yep, I'm there too.  Relieved that a lot of the stress is over, and a TON to do around the house.  We're in almost-baby-making-mode.  I have a few medical hurdles to overcome before I can feel like it's a good time to start.  I think we'll begin sometime in the middle of summer and are aware that we're facing some challenges that will make the process take a bit longer.
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  • I'm going through a little withdrawal.  All that planning...it went so quickly.  I got to see photo proofs last night, and it was great seeing them cause I didn't remember everything.  And I got to see the processional, reception entrance pics of my BP and parents which was great. 

    We have so much on deck for this month...in the process of listing our house for sale, holidays, preparing for a big trade show...life goes on

    we definitely want to enjoy "being married" for at least this year...maybe when we're settled in our new house in Florida, we can concentrate on starting a family. 

    I'm a teensy bit jealous of new brides...it was so much fun planning...but then again, it was also a lot on our plate, so not sure I want to go through that again.  (it paid off though....EVERYBODY said we threw one helluva party!)

  • we definitely wish we could do it over again... the whole thing was so much fun!  i'm not working right now, so i don't know what i'm going to do with my days now.  the photographer said the proofs should be done next week so i guess i'll be spending a lot of time making albums...
    baby-making mode is probably going to start sometime in july...

    does anyone else not really feel any different now that you're married?  people keep asking me, how does it feel being married?  i tell them, the same as before... i almost wish i had a better answer.  my mom and best friend told me that feeling that way means i married the right guy...

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  • I feel the same as before, too.  Everyone keeps asking me as well and all I have to say is that it feels the same.  We have been living together for the past 3 1/2 years though, so I don't know why it really would feel any different, we just made it  legal ;)

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