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Please send positive happy vibes

Ok, I'm bummed. The whole situation with my MOH has actually made me feel unexcited (even worse, that I don't want to deal with it at all) about anything wedding related. I just wish we were already married. 

I haven't spoken to her yet, because I didn't want to have a big serious conversation about what a crappy friend she's been and ruin her holidays. And I know I need to talk to her, but I'm also scared that once I do, this dreadful feeling won't go away because one of two things will happen:
1) We work it out, but I still have in the back of my head that she's just trying to appease me or
2) We end the friendship

Plus, I can't even call her at home because I don't want FI to hear the conversation because then his feelings would be hurt too. I might just have to call her now and get it off my chest....

Re: Please send positive happy vibes

  • Aww, I'm sorry whits. If it'll make you feel better, maybe you can call her and make it a "clearing the air before the new year" kind of thing. Good luck!
  • Hang in there chicky!
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  • I'm sorry you feel like that, Whits. But you will definitely feel better if you get it off your chest and let her know what's on your mind. How she reacts is her problem but at least she will know where you stand with things. Good luck and let us know how the conversation goes.

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  • Sending good vibes your way.  I hope everything works out for you!
  • So I spoke with her - I don't really feel any better about the situation, since she basically just said the same thing and asked again if I wanted her to step down as MOH so that I wouldn't be upset on my wedding day if the person standing up for me didnt like FI. I was like - um, either way, with you as MOH or not, or there or not, I'm going to remember this happened and feel like crap about it. She at least said she supports me and wants me to be happy. So anyway, she's still my MOH, I still feel kinda crappy, but at least we had a long conversation and both got a lot of things out in the open.
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