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March 2010 Weddings

Getting a little stressed--just needed to vent!

Hey girls, 
So this weekend was very successful, I had all of the bridal party and the parents over to help me stuff envelopes and put the favors together. We finished in record time! Seriously, it would have taken me forever by myself. So, I was able to send out all the invitations yesterday, which is right on my schedule. And Monday we have a meeting with our band, so that will be another check!

My stress is mainly because my dress and centerpieces (fish)! First of all, it didn't come in yet, so I am slightly concerned since the wedding is March 6th! Second, for Christmas my fiance FINALLY caved and got me a boob job (I know, I know, crazy gift) and my surgery is JAN 6TH!!!!!!!!!! So, will my dress even fit? And I know I will be mostly healed, but I dont want to look ridiculous at the wedding. Idk I am prob just overreacting. 

So, Send prayers my way next week since I am getting nervous. Hope all of your planning is going well. A little over 2 months to gooo! Thanks Girls!

Re: Getting a little stressed--just needed to vent!

  • Your FI just got you this, and you already have surgery scheduled for Jan. 6? That's a quick turn-around!

    Do you have to have surgery that day, or can you change it? I have no idea how much of a change you're going for or how much you can let your dress out, but if you're going to be significantly bigger then I'd say it's likely that you won't fit into your dress. If you're set on having surgery before the wedding, talk to a seamstress ASAP about whether you'll be able to let your dress out or will need to find a new one.
  • To go on what Emily said, don't forget also that some alterations will take a couple of months. Depending on how much you are taking your dress out, you will have to be sure it will come back in time for another fitting before the wedding.
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  • Oh the turn around has been 3 years in the making! lol I have been to 4 surgeons and wasn't sure it would ever happen--but ended up being the best xmas ever. :)

    Thanks  for the advice Girls!  My dress was ordered big to begin with--like at LEAST 3 inches too large in the chest. And I am only going about 2 sizes bigger..nothing huge. So....I hope that will be enough

    I spoke to the surgeon and he told me to get the alterations started earlier and dont get them completed until like a week before.

    I guess I am sooo excited but also kind of more stressed. I know we realistically have almost everything done, but I think its just the nerves!! 
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