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March 2010 Weddings

OOT gift bags - advice needed

I have been wrestling with the whole gift bag issue for a while now and thought you ladies may have some advice. I wasn't going to do gift bags, because the hotel charges $5 per bag for handing them out, and we're trying to keep costs down. However, all of the wedding activities are kind of far apart, and some require driving on highways and paying tolls, so I at least wanted to provide good directions etc. (I already have a shuttle for guests from the hotel to church and back, but for those who don't want to take it, they'll need directions).

So, I was considering one possibility of just including printed directions with the rehearsal dinner invitations, along with a contact phone number

Does anyone else have any suggestions or comments on the mailing printed directions with the rehearsal dinner invites? Is there anything else that would need to be included?

Re: OOT gift bags - advice needed

  • I'm mailing out day of timelines to the wedding party with the rehearsal invites (and having extra for once they get to town incase they don't bring them with).

    Would the hotel let you put a stack of them down in the lobby for people to pick up when they arrive?  Most should let you do that.  I used to work in a tourist town and we wouldleave piles of coupons at the counter.  Your maps should be no different.
  • I would suggest what BigVoice said and see if the $5 charge is only for packages, they may let you put a newsletter or something like that in the rooms.

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  • I had the same problem with my OOT bags. I included directions in the rehearsal dinner invitations, and included everything on our wedding website.  Then guests  can print it out and do some homework before they arrive.

    I am also making little bags and my BM's and family members that are staying in the hotel are going to greet guests as they arrive and give them their bags.

    hope that helps!

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  • can you leave the bags at the front desk for guests to pick up as they check in? I'm doing that with my venue because they charge to deliver to rooms and this way it's free.  I would put all the information about the different locations, directions, shuttle, timeline, etc. on your website and also include printed information in your OOT bags.  Put something in your invitations directing guests to your website.  For those who are not technilogically savvy (or don't visit the website) and want the information, they'll ask you.
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