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March 2010 Weddings

Trash The Dress

Now I know it may be a tad soon to be thinking of this but I have the Sex & The City Movie on and I thought "aww I'm never gonna get to wear my dress again"  :(  Thats when I started to think about doing a trash the dress session.  I wouldn't want it completely destroyed b/c I want to have it cut down and made into a christening dress when we have a baby.  BUT it would  give me a chance to wear my dress again ... anyone else contemplating doing it?

Re: Trash The Dress

  • I am not doing it, bc it went to the cleaners right after our at home reception.

    I did go swimming in the ocean though after the reception and then change into another gown, everyone thought it'd ruin it but you couldn't even tell after I rinsed all the sand off!

    I say have fun while you can!
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  • We're doing it. It's getting cleaned now for our CA reception, but after that both DH and I are getting all dressed up again and going to take more pictures. I've seen some that my photographer did, and I can't wait!
  • I'll be wearing my gown two more times.

    My husband runs an art gallery in the Washington, DC area. On Saturday we are hosting a closing party for the current art show. We are calling it a closing/wedding party, and we are inviting the artists who are exhibiting along with the hundreds of other artists that we are in contact with (as well as friends, family). He's going to wear his tux and I'm going to wear my gown.

    If you live in the DC area and want to stop by, you can find details here: http://artdc.org/forum/index.php?topic=13375.0

    We have a photographer friend who is going to shoot www.rleggat.com/photohistory/history/daguerro.htm">Daguerreotype photos of us in a few weeks at his studio. My husband and I will again dress up in our wedding garb for this special photo session.

    My husband is also a photographer and he plans to take some other photos of me in the dresss in his studio.
  • Kitcat that's awesome!!

    We were supposed to do an e-pic session with the package we choose but just didn't have time for it.  I'm hoping maybe he'll let us do an after session.  Not going to rent a tux for hubby (hehehe) but I'll have him were a dress shirt & blank pants.
  • Kitcat...that sounds so cool.  I love daguerrotypes :-)  I would totally have stopped by for that event if we weren't busy this weekend

    Emily-jealous you get to wear your dress again!!!  I get kind of sad looking at mine...I don't think I will be wearing it again
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