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I read your post...what happened at sandals? We were there last week and had a great time....though there were definitely some things I didn't like, but I am curious....what happened to you guys?

Re: LauraandKieran...antigua

  • It was alot of little things but MAJOR attitude from some staffers.  We didn't know they would be taking a CC and putting a hold on it upon arrival.  Silly me didn't take a CC knowing we were going to an *all inclusive* resort.  Gave my my debit card and was told they couldn't accept it b/c banks don't let them put holds on the account.  Um then why not just take the NUMBER so you can charge all incidentals at the end?  Nope, guess that would make too much sence.  Instead we had to leave cash at the desk.  Kinda defeated the purpose of all inclusive b/c all week I had to keep a mental tally of how much had been spent. 

    Not sure which side you stayed in but we were on the small side, not the highrise.  The girl at the tour desk had MAJOR ATTITUDE!  Sucked her teeth at me a few times when I asked questions and I told her off.

    You'd think for a resort that boasts being for lovers, for HM'ers or couples getting married that they'd actually SO something for them, especially if its your HM.  Now we weren't in butler level suites so we weren't expecting the royal treatment but how about making the room a tad romantic upon arrival .. and letting us KNOW the bottle of champagne was in the fridge and not forgotten like we thought when we didn't see it.  Our slip for our HM breakfast in bed was never picked up.

    We did a tour of the island with one of the taxi drivers (didn't want to give the hotel any more $) and it was AWESOME .. came back in time for our couples massage at the spa.  Which again was AWESOME!  We left there (now this was Friday and we were supposed to leave on Sunday) saying "now THIS is how our HM should feel" .. only to get a call 30m later saying since we didn't leave a CC we needed to come down THEN to pay for the services.  um no - especially not when you are being a bitch to me.   Sorry its all how you SAY things.  We told her to take it up with the guest services manager we had been dealing with - our TA knew we weren't enjoying the hotel and coordinated things with her.

    She came to the room pretending to be all nice & sympathetic but really she only came for the $ - which at that point I wasn't giving out of spite.  This was all just the icing on the cake - I went in side and called the arline to get us on the Saturday flight instead.  Honestly paying to change the flight was the BEST money we'd spend all week. 

    I'd never ever do a Sandals again.

  • Oh no...that is terrible!!!
    Well, luckliy our experience was a lot better.  We stayed on the mediterranean side and had a concierge room so we had a fully stocked bar, and the service was really pretty good! I am thinking that my advice to others who are doing sandals should definitely upgrade. It appears that even though it shouldn't be this way, that maybe they don't treat everybody equally.  That stinks about your credit card situation! I did have a couple of issues with staffers being rude, but others made up for it.  We actually did the champagne celebration at the spa and it was so wonderful...
    In all actuality, we probably won't do a sandals again either, only because the food wasn't as good as we would have liked.  How were your food experiences? I also didn't like how the beaches were public.  But we loved our room, and the pool, and the all inclusiveness of it.  That really is a stinky way to start off your marriage...I think you deserve a second honeymoon!!!  Go for it this summer!
  • we were upgraded to a concierge room .. there was another issue.  the first night Kieran fell in love with the rum in the room, which meant he used up all the cokes in the fridge.  at 11am the next morning he called (and nicely asked) about getting more sodas.  he was rudely told "the people that restock the rooms work from 8am to 5pm, your fridge will be restocked during that time".  nice huh?

    I've stayed at all inclusives before and never had issues like this.  honestly, i think there are so many other all inclusive places you could stay at that would be SO much better - Sandals is very overrated in my book.
  • oh and congrats ;)   read your reviews on the locals thread - glad everyone worked out for you.  Can't wait to see pics!
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