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I have a wedding website (for guests) I am setting up but was wondering what you all have on yours? I have our proposal video on there... and I will put the venue on there also... but what else??

Mind sharing yours? PM with the address please! Thanks!!

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    Still working on mine but I have the following:

    Ceremony/Church information
    Reception details, directions, etc.
    Hotel Accommodations - Room Block
    Bridal Party
    Event Photos - Engagement Party and Engagement Pics
    Guest Book
    Registry Information

    Also, you can look at the mock up sites here on the knot for more ideas.

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    HA I would have totally forgot to put the hotel info, thanks!
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    I PMed you.

    Mine is for the Brits.  
    It has venues, group flight info, hotel block, talks about RD and day after brunch which do not happen here. 
     Info about the area.  
    Dress codes (guidance) for RD, wedding, and brunch.  
    I may put in registry info later.
    I figure they don't really care about the BP or guest book.  Maybe I've been on the knot too long...  I pass over those sections on people's planning bios, I find them boring,  so it didn't even occur to me to include on the guest site.  

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    Yea I am not putting bridal party info on mine either, I only have a MatronOH and a Best man... so there is no need for that.

    So far I have:

    Proposal Video (for those that didn't see yet)
    Wedding Details
    Registry Info (which is blank now haha)
    Hotel Block Info
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    We used to give people directions from the hotel to church to reception, it was awesome because it is literally a google maps map with little icons for all the stuff and they can print directions- you can also add local restaurants and other things of interest - we added historical phila touristy stuff so they had somewhere to go if they came into town early or stayed late.
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    So since you are all on the topic... Can I ask a 'probably' dumb question ?

    How do I go about getting/starting a wedding website ? I would like to order my STD's really soon and I wanted to get a site up so that I can attach the link to the hotel to reserve a room.

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    PM sent.
    Even though i'm now married you ladies can't get rid of me. Hit me up BOOYAH!!!
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    I made mine using - it was great because it had all kinds of different pages you could add if you wanted, but if you didn't want to have them, you don't have to.  Mine has:

    our story
    ceremony/reception info
    hotel accomodations
    registry info
    contact us (people can send us emails w/questions, etc)
    guest book (people can sign it with messages and kind words)
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    megstar- I think I will add the contact and guest book too. It is a nice touch. Thanks for sharing!
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    I made my on the Knot website they have lots of cute templates to use and they include all the parts mentioned earlier About the Couple, Proposal Story, Wedding Ceremony and Reception Location, Accomodations, Registry, Bridal Part, Pictures, and Guest book...

    I'm also thinking to put the website on the STD's and cousin did that and it was super helpful to plan for a wedding we had to travel to South Carolina for.

    And I love the idea of the Map tool for directions!
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    Thanks Girls!!!!

    I'm sorry that I took so long to get back, I don't get a chance to get on here too much but I REALLY appreciate the help. I'm sad to say that I'm mainly a "lurker" but I have gotten a LOT of good tips from reading all of your posts.

    I'm going to give the wedding website a shot, wish me luck :-)

    Thanks again!
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