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These reviews seem a little lengthy now! I will also try to change my siggy so that my planning bio links right to the reviews (and it's probably time to remove the ticker, wish me luck!)

Day of Coordinator - Erin Proud of Proud to Plan"> ~ A+++++++! There aren't enough pluses and exclamation points in the world to describe how much I loved working with Erin. When first considering a DOC, I didn't know if we would need one as our location provided a coordinator, but now I cannot imagine what I would have done without her. I didn't want to have to worry about a thing the day of my wedding, and she did me one better and made it so I didn't have to worry about anything for the week before nor on the day of the wedding. If you are looking for a DOC, go ahead and hire her for the rehearsal, as well, my wedding party was so impressed with her and she made that night fabulous, too.
Invitations/ Other Paper - Paper by Proud"> ~ A+ I received so many compliments on our invitations, and they were even less expensive than the (less fabulous) ones I found on Etsy! Painless "design" process that helped gather what we were looking for an then turned it into an amazing product!
Ceremony and Reception - Brantwyn Estate is part of the Dupont Country Club"> ~ A  Guests were very well taken care of, food was excellent, grounds were stunning, the property is very well maintained! The only thing that kept this from A+ status is that some of the special requests required a lot of follow-up (from me) on the day of - if someone orders a gluten-free meal, doesn't it follow that you shouldn't put the croutons in her soup? Luckily we had a fantastic waiter, and he was able to make sure she was taken care of even though she wasn't at his table. Overall it was exactly what we wanted, and was perfect for our reception!
DJ - Dave with Synergetic Sounds"> ~ A  Fantastic to work with before the wedding, and Dave definitely delivered the goods! Everyone was on the dance floor all night -- from DH's Great Aunt to my Dad to all of our friends, it was amazing! He even honored our request for a certain musician to be played throughout the evening, and was just overall wonderful! They also set up the sound for the ceremony and beginning of the reception (both outside), and did a great job with that as well.
Face the Occasion (Kelly Quinlin)"> ~ A  Kelly was awesome! So sweet, definitely a calming presence on the morning of my wedding, and the make-up was exactly what I wanted. All I needed to do throughout the evening was touch-up my lipstick after eating and I looked fantastic! With both hair and make-up, it was great to have people come to our location so we could hang out in the hotel and just relax instead of having to wait in a salon, I highly recommend going this route!
Hair by Meghan (Cahill)"> ~A  Amazing work, and she's so fast! She did all 5 of the women in the wedding party and my hair in less than 2 hours! She worked with me to make sure it was perfect (at first the front wasn't to my liking), and it held throughout the hot July day and all the way through the night of dancing! My women were so impressed with her ability to take what they were describing and bring it to life!
Photography - Jenn Childress"> - I'll wait until I see the "finished project" before assigning a letter grade, but I just love Jenn and her work! Our engagement pictures were spectacular, and she was fantastic to work with. Sadly she broke her foot and ankle prior to our wedding, but was still there to "direct," and she ended up having to bring on another photographer, none other than Mike Landis! Paul and I met with Mike and loved his work (we agonized over who to choose), so to end up with him filling in as the second shooter at our wedding was fantastic! He's such a nice man and just a pleasure to work with (I feel like it would be impossible to be too stressed out in his presence).

Videography - Alicia with Blossom Productions"> - I will also wait until I can share at least a preview of the video before "grading," but I also loved working with Alicia. She is fantastic, she and her assistant were so incredibly discreet and yet I know they got everything we would want and more! I was extremely heistant about getting a videographer, but now that I'm impatiently awaiting our recap video, I'm so glad we did!
Florist - Flowers by Yuki ~ A-/B+  I loved loved loved my flowers, but they were a little difficult to work with. They lost the initial letter/contract, were rather slow to respond to requests, and I'm just lucky that my mother was willing to continuously follow-up with them. But the flowers were stunning, and I was so incredibly happy on the day of the wedding!
Men's Suits - Formal Expressions"> ~ B+  Paul and I decided to go for a less formal khaki-colored suit in leiu of a full tux, and they had them. They also came to our location to do the measurements of the guys, and they dropped off and picked up the suits so the guys didn't all have to go to Maple Shade, which was extremely convenient. They were a little less-than-helpful in the store, but the sales rep that Paul worked with over the phone was very responsive, and having him come out to the shower to measure the guys added a little fun!
Bridesmaids Dresses - David's Bridal ~ B+  They had the dresses my girls liked, were well priced, and were easy for my OOT maids to work with! It was a little chaotic there when we went to try things on, but they were only a little late for our appointment and met our needs.
Bridal Gown - Arielle Bridal ~ C  At first they were fine, nothing magical and spectacular, just fine, but I should NOT have had my alterations done there. I actually had to point out to the seamstress where the hem was crooked - no easy task when you're wearing the dress! It was like once the dress was purchased, they could care less that I was even in the store. They did have a good selection of dresses in my price range (around $2K), but I wish I had found "the one" elsewhere!
And they're the five best friends that anyone could have, the five best friends that anyone could have! Photobucket

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    Yay!  Jenn is my photographer as well, we just love her and her work.  We are also using Proud to Plan and Synergetic, glad you had good experiences with all of them!

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    Do you know who your DJ is going to be? I know (and love) Jason, but he was booked for our wedding! It's just as well because Dave was awesome (and he went to high school with DH, which we didn't realize until we arrived at our initial meeting)!
    And they're the five best friends that anyone could have, the five best friends that anyone could have! Photobucket
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    Yes, Jason was booked for ours as well, so we are using Matt Blank--he's the general manager and just as good as Jason (or so Erin tells me).   I am excited!
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