I don't know if anyone is a member, but it's like RuLaLa, only for soon-to-be Mommies (that's you, BP!) and baby items.  They often, though, have tons of stuff for women only.

Right now, they have stuff from Blush Lingerie for a great prices- negligies for $22, bras for $15, garter belts for $12, adorable undies for $10 and up, etc.  If you are doing B-pics, or are looking for goodies for the honeymoon, check them out!

The sale goes until tomorrow, Monday, April 11th.

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    I found this little gem a few weeks ago and get daily e mails on it. So far it's been very blah for pregnant women, but good for women who aren't pregnant, lots of cute clothes (non maternity)
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    BP- Look at your lemon!!! :-) Made my day!
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