April 2010 Weddings

Hi!!! Sorry......

for being MIA lately! 

I've had some health issues this past year and still am suffering from the effects of it all.  And with the Holidays thrown in the mix, I've been soooo unorganized everywhere!

Can you guys believe we're less than 4 months out?!?!?  OMG.......

I hope everyone's Christmas was as amazing as you all deserve it to be!!! 

Re: Hi!!! Sorry......

  • SHELLI!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so happy you came back to us.  I was starting to worry that something happened to you.  Hope everything is OK with you and your health.

    Time is flying!!!!!!!!  April will be here in no time at all.


  • HI SHELLI!!!!!
    You've been missed, I hope you're feeling better and hope you enjoyed your Christmas!!!!
    It's creepin' up on us now.  RSVPs for my shower are slowly trickling in to my mom and MOH.  I'm so excited!!!

  • Welcome Back!

    Christmas was great. Hope you get to feeling better ASAP!
    April 2010: Favorite Romantic Picture
    <img src="http://tinyurl.com/4qykm9a"width ="400">

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