It was DH's house - on S Park Ave, right off of black horse pike near Del Buonos, 2 blocks from the park.  He bought it in 2006 and we started renting it out when we moved up here last year.  

Where in Gloucester are you?  I have friends in Glassboro (as you know, since you contacted his sister about the cake!)

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    John grew up on Sycamore and lived there his entire life.  His family owns the Healey Funeral homes - one of which is in Haddon Heights.  We live above the one in Gloucester City.  It's a way different area from where I grew up, but we like living there.  My sister lives on West High.  Del Buono's is our favorite :)  I think when we buy a house it will be in Heights.  I love it there!

    I am familiar with Glassboro - went to Rowan my first semester of school and then transferred to University of Maryland for the rest of my undergrad.
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