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April 2010 Weddings

this week

today- order escort (or is it place card) cards
tomorrow - dentist
thursday- HAIR TRIAL... figure out a placement for my veil
friday- send in rings to be sautered (sp), engraved, resized...replated...and kyles band engraved. yay!!


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Re: this week

  • So exciting! We are all getting so close! and I can't believe there are now wifes on this board!
    [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/eoq6r.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/ivxyx0.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/ip9r39.jpg[/IMG]

  • Today - Work, laundry laundry laundry!
    Tuseday - Work, finish the final cleaning of the house...mainly Jeff's Man Cave
    Wedensday - Last day of work! Best man gets here in the afternoon
    Thursday - Decorate church, pick up ring (better be here!), nails with my sisters and nieces (three and younger), supper with friends and family at a local bar, pick up a groomsman from the local rental car company (he flies into a city three hours away)
    Friday - Decorate reception site, rehearsal & rehearsal dinner
    Saturday - What's that? Oh, yeah...I get fricking MARRIED! aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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  • This Week-
    Try very hard to enjoy every minute of this week leading up to Saturday and try not to get stressed or Panic!
    • Finish painting door letters
    • fill bathroom baskets
    • finish ceremony/vows
    • get rings engraved
    • pack for HM
    • wrap grooms gifts
    • clean my house!
    • make bags for BM's/GM's
    Saturday - haricut/shine, final fitting (i hope... def lost a lil more weight), rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!  yikes!
  • This week:
    Today- work, tan & get nails done
    Tomorrow- work, tan & gym (get sleep)
    Wednesday- 7am fly to Florida
    Thursday & Friday- relax on the beach
    Saturday- get married!
  • Monday - Dinner w/ FI and FMIL Someone please explain WHY we have to have dinner this week?!?!? There is too much to do and this isn't helping.
    The rset of the week - programs, various signs and other small paper things
    Saturday - Hair Highlights, Final Dress Fitting, Eyebrow Waxing, Working on OOT hotel bags, and wrapping up Jordan Almonds.
  • Today: Go to Costco to buy candy, go with MOH to dress store to see what can be done about her too short dress, tan, work on programs
    Tues: Go to Target, wrap BP gifts, tan, work on programs
    Wed: Shop for candy jars, put ribbon candy jars, pick up dress, tan, work on programs
    Thurs: Have ring cleaned, get everything ready to take to venue on Friday, tan, work on programs (they better be done by then!!)
    Fri: Tan, rehearsal, mani/pedis, rehearsal dinner
    Sat: GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!
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  • final dress fitting today
    assemble card box
    call in final headcount to venue and ask about a few things
    call RD caterer with menu and headcount
    hair trial Saturday
    finish wrapping gifts
    get rings insured


  • Hmm, let's see:

    Monday: working
    Tuesday: shop after work for the last of our wedding stuff (water for reception, snacks for the drive to our honeymoon place, etc)
    Wednessday: pack for wedding and honeymoon
    Thursday: family dinner hosted by a friend
    Friday: lots of decorating at venue, RD, paying for cake, picking up flowers for altar/plant stands
    Saturday: getting married!
  • Aw, congrats to you girls getting married this week!

    Today - work, tan, gym, some wedding stuff (readings, rehersal dinner planning)
    Tuesday -work, gym, dance lessons
    Wednesday - work, gym, tan, wedding stuff (readings, rehersal dinner planning)
    Thursday - work, dance lessons
    Friday - work, GET MARRAGE LICENSE, tan, gym
    Saturday - gym, clean the house like crazy!  work on wedding stuff (readings, rehersal dinner planning)
    Sunday - meeting with DJ, clean
  • Teach FI freakin 1st dance already. We're running out of time!!!!

    Meet with DJ/FI needs to finish CDs and favors

    Get flower girl gift

    Hair appointment Friday

    Get tray and sand for escort cards; finish them

  • Mon - Austria w/ FI (was supposed to be his Bach Party w/ his son but WW3 started and son went home, so best friend was the stand in (me))
    Tues - Austria
    Wed - Work - blah
    Thurs - More Work
    Friday - and ick - yep, more work because as the saying goes after monday and tuesday, even the calendar goes "What The F***!"
    Sat - Hopefully Packing!!!

    All Week - Noblegarden Festival on World of Warcraft - YIKES! So much to do, so little time! (In-game Holiday)

    Sun - Finish Packing, Spa Day - YEAH BABY!  (Poor FI, he has to go w/ me)
    Mon - Work - yuck
    Tues - Work - again
    Wed - last day of Work - YEAH (do you REALLY think my mind will be there though?) - leaving early - woohoo!!!!!!!!!! Fly to Scotland Wednesday Night
    14-23rd - SCOTLAND BABY! AND WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My Ceremony Location - Scottish Castle

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  • This week:
    All week- try not to get too stressed!
    Monday- Work, Confirm with vendors, buy ribbon for favors, finish welcome baskets, tan
    Tuesday- Work, put together programs, wax, finish shopping for HM
    Wednesday- Work, move stuff to new apartment, laundry, pack, tan
    Thursday- Work half day, Pick up dress, tie up any loose ends
    Friday- Rehearsal and Dinner
    Saturday- Get Married!!!
    Sunday- Leave for Honeymoon!
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  • Goals for this week are:
    Finish wrapping BP gifts
    Buy picture frames for parents
    Get seating arrangements to the woman doing my place cards
    Firm up guest transportation arrangements with OOT hotel
    Makeup trial on Thursday
    Second fitting on Saturday
    Bachelorette parties this weekend
    Hopefully scanning in some old pictures on Sunday to put up at the reception (just waiting for scanner I ordered to arrive)
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