Vendor Reviews-warning about crystal limos

Hi everyone, here are my reviews from my wedding on 12/12

La Luna Banquet Hall: A+ Everything was absolutely perfect and Karen was such a great host. The food was fantastic and the entire evening went smoothly. I keep getting compliments on how elegant yet cozy the evening was. The atmosphere was really nice.

Kate's Event Artistry: A+ Kate's flowers were so beautiful, i absolutely loved my bouquet which had mini pine cones and spruce mixed in. Her ideas were really unique and I loved working with her. She arrived on time and set everything up for us, the centerpieces were beautiful and all disappeared at the end of the night-the guests loved them.

Neusse Photography: A+ Agnes and Kim were incredible to work with, they were so vibrant and energetic throughout the whole day. Their upbeat attitude really made the photos more fun and we all enjoyed spending the day with them. My family raved about how nice they were and how Agnes knew everyone's names (a big feat for a 16+ bridal party plus parents!)> The pictures are amazing and Agnes has been easy to work with since the beginning.

Choo Choo Trolley: A+ The trolley company arrived on time and stayed late-giving us plenty of warning about extra fees that might accrue. We thought our driver was really nice and she rushed to the photo spot to race the setting sun-we made it just in time.

Crystal Limos: F We hired this company to provide a shuttle for our OOT guests from the hotel to the reception and back. They failed to arrive, leaving our guests stranded at the hotel and causing my parents to pick people up and miss the cocktail hour. The driver was lost apparently. We renegotiated the second trip, for the end of the night, with the company, hoping that the earlier ride was a simple mistake. However, the driver who arrived was rude and actually demanding to both me, and my guests. He insisted he was over the time limit (when he was clearly not), demanded more money, refused to leave, and then finally when he transferred everyone to the hotel on the last trip, he ran out of the shuttle saying he was never paid and demanding money from my guests. I was not around, but my MOH handled him and told him to bill us. Later, we received phone calls threatening law suits for a balance, when in fact we didnt owe them anything. They eventually said it was a misunderstanding but no one apologized for the rude driver or for him harrassing my guests.

Lotus Hair Design: A Hair and Makeup were done by Kristin, Heather, and Jeanie. Everyone looked beautiful, they did a great job.

Rilings: A Our cake was delicious! They were easy to work with and the design choices were fun and creative. My only complaint is the cake disappeared after it was sliced-I cant figure out if there just wasnt enough or if there was an issue in serving it-but several guests did not get cake. Weird.

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    I forgot our dj:

    On the Mark Productions: A+++ Mark was great-the dance floor was packed and he kept it going the whole night. He sat with us two weeks before the wedding to go over a thorough list of music and our expectations. He accomodated a last minute change in the father/daughter dance, and even played some fun Italian music at the end to wish us well on our honeymoon. He was just fantastic and very affordable.
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    Ahh... La Luna.  I grew up two blocks from there and I remember when it was Alvin's Caterers.  We used to ride our bikes up there on Sunday mornings and the staff would give us leftover favors from the night before.  My fake wedding ring collection was the envy of all who saw it.  hehe.
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    I went to high school with Kate from Kate's Event Artistry.  Her work is faboosh.
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    Friends of ours had a similar problem with Tropiano that they used to shuttle guests.  They forgot to send the bus back to do a second pick up at the hotel.  Then the driver the finally sent went to the wrong hotel to pick us up.  They extended the coctail hour until the second bus finally arrived which nmeant they lost an hour of their reception.  After they returned from the honeymoon they had the multiple phone call fights regarding payments. 

    I've heard other stories of problems with the limo companies but I can't remember which ones.

    I think we're using J&J.  Does anyone have any stories about them?
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