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April 2010 Weddings

Wedding Cake Flavors

I'm debating what flavor the wedding cake should be. I love chocolate anything. It's really the only dessert I like. I don't really care for any other sweets. My fiance does not like sweets at all. He has no sweet tooth whatsoever. So, we are not having a grooms cake.

I was originally planning on having the entire wedding cake in a chocolate flavor, unti my maid of honor, assuming we were having a grooms cake, suggested that the groom cake be chocolate and the wedding cake in a more traditional flavor. It didn't occur to me to do this. What do you guys think?  Should I choose a more traditional flavor?

Re: Wedding Cake Flavors

  • You could have one tier of a different flavor like if you are doing three tiers you could have a traditional flavor for one tier, chocolate for the second tier and a different flavor for the third tier or you can have two tiers of chocolate and one traditional or one tier of chocolate and two traditional.
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  • We're not doing a grooms cake either; Mike is too health conscious & doesn't like to eat high-calorie junkfood.  Our cake is going to be a 3 tier.  My favorite is cherry chip but he doesn't like it, so the center layer is cherry chip with coconut filling and the top and bottom layers are white with bavarian chocolate creme filling.  I figured I couldn't go wrong wtih that. Frosting will be white. I brought the cupcakes in for taste testing that she made us and my boss said "I don't see any chocolate in there."  I told him to have a white one; he liked it and said "that will make the chocolate lovers happy."  He's the only 62 year old man I know that has such a passion for chocolate.  LOL

    Amanda put up a hissy fit about not having chocolate cake; I told her "you're 10 - when you pay for your own wedding cake in 15 years you can have chocolate."  :)  I did however tell MOH to get chocolate cake for teh shower though.
  • I love chocolate anything too!  However I know that not everyone does. We're having 2 flavors, Almond with strawberry filling and then Chocolate mint with chocolate ganache filling.  Almond with fruit is more of one those standard flavors, so I would at least consider some portion of your cake servings a more traditional flavor.  Whether that be 75 to 25 or what have you.
    Good luck!  This was one of my favorite decisions of the wedding process Tongue out
  • I am a chocolate fanantic as well, but my fiance is not, and his brother won't eat chocolate at all. So we compromised. The bottom layer of our 3 tier cake is key lime pie with a key lime filling, and the top 2 layers are kaluha chocolate caramel with a kaluha chocolate caramel cream. FI loves coffee, so he like that. He does not know it (only me, my mom, sister and dad know) that we are having a grooms cake that is carrot cake with cream cheese icing. He LOVES carrot cake, as does most of his family, so they'll be super happy about that!
  • As most pps suggested and I agree, doing different flavors on the tiers.  If you don't have different tiers is it possible to do just a sheet cake with a different flavor so your guests have a different option?
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  • Thanks guys. It just never occurred to me do anything other than chocolate. I was pretty hapy to know that I could pick whatever I wanted for the  cake since my fiance doesn't like sweets. I am on a really strick diet until the wedding and was sooo looking forward to eating left over chocolate wedding cake. And if there's a lot left over, even better!  But, sigh, it would be better to consider other flavors for the other tiers. My maid of honor is going to go with me to the taste testing, so she'll be able to help me pick another flavor.

    I thought about doing a sheet cake in another flavor, but we will be having another dessert: peach cobbler. A little southern flavor for the guests.  I will do fondant though. I know some people don't like it, but I do and it is less expensive than buttercream.  I figure people can just eat around it.

    I just dont' understand people not liking chocolate:))
  • I would say whatever flavor you pick, someone is not going to like it, so go with what you like or do the multiple tiers thing.  We have our cake tasting this weekend but FI and I have already decided we're doing a cannoli cream filling which is both of our favorite kind of cake.  Plus our bakery is famous for its cannolis (its the bakery from Cake Boss), so we know it will be good.

    I've already had one person tell me they don't like cannolis. Oh well. 
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  • do what you want!  :)  i'm doing a chocolate cake with orange filling.  if people don't wanna eat it, that's their choice.  i'm not going to sit around feeling bad because great aunt martha didn't like my cake!  ;)
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  • We are only having one flavor - Lemon Cake - However the frosting is going to be both almond and raspberry. I think if you want, different layer flavors are good!
  • lizstill- kahlua chocolate caramel??!?! all I can say is O-M-G! (I love kahlua/ coffee flavor . . . ) I haven't done taste testing yet but I may have to ask if they can make something like that.

    Nice to hear all the tips from you ladies! It'll prepare me well for my tasting . . .
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