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April 2010 Weddings

Kids say the darndest things!!!!

Ok so, I have these two little cousins (they are my first cousin's children) that are 11 and 12.  i wanted them to do a reading together...so i asked the 11 year old boy and he was all excited.  i asked the 12 year old girl last night, and she goes "ummm i dont really like reading in front of people...."  I couldn't get mad because she was so cute and honest about it.  So I talked to her mom (my cousin) and she's going to see if she can talk her into it, or maybe her other little daughter, 11 years old, will do it.  But I honestly thought that was so funny - who ever has someone say NO to doing a reading LOL!!! 

Re: Kids say the darndest things!!!!

  • I think you'd be surprised told my aunt I wanted her to take part in the ceremony but before I could ask her to bring the up the gifts w/ FI's uncle she said "yes as long as I don't have to talk/read in front of everyone" and she's in her 60's!! Luckily we hadn't planned on asking her to read so we were ok.
  • When we asked our RBs parents they told us yes! he'd love to do it.  When we asked him, he told us a flat out NO!

    He's still doing it, but it was just hilarious!
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  • haha yeah i guess not everyone is into that sort of thing...i spoke to the little girl again today, and she said she'd do it.  i think she was just being moody :)  gotta love her...
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