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April 2010 Weddings

Silk flowers vs. real ones

Is anyone doing silk flowers for their centerpieces? My mother seems to think it is a good idea but I am more partial to having real ones.
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Re: Silk flowers vs. real ones

  • I am doing silk flowers for the centerpieces. That way I could do them myself and save a ton of money.  Plus, I like the personal touches of DIY anyway.

  • I'm not doing either but just a thought -- if you do silk, people can keep the centerpieces as a token (I think there are ways to designate who at the table gets to take it - I've seen this done before thought I'm not sure the specifics)
  • I'm doing silk flowers all around.  There are pics in my bio if you want to check it out
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  • We are using a candle centerpiece with silk petals scattered around the table. The only real flowers will be the ones that I and the girls carry (minus the flower girl-those will be silk too).
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