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April 2010 Weddings

Dress Poll...

I'm bored!  LOL and yes many of us are far far away or too busy to be here!  so here's a quick Poll as I am trying to decide what to do as well...

Here's a lil back story... even though I haven't gotten any photos back yet I'm a lil nervous as I didn't really see my photographers alot, yes i know i like candids so technically i shouldn't see them however... a few people made comments that they also didn't see them alot AND when they did they weren't taking photos.  Then they left and didn't even say goodbye or ask if they were all set.  Now I am a photographer and I ALWAYS check with the bride/groom before I leave.  SO I am HOPING they got a alot of good photos but considering a second "shoot" (with another photographer) if they didn't... maybe a trash (think beach or grimy alley way!) the dress with the husband, maybe just a summer session as it was cold and gloomy!

So here's my Poll...

Re: Dress Poll...

  • I'll probably try to sell it, and if it won't sell then I'll probably donate it to Brides Against Breast Cancer.
  • I'm going to keep mine. I'm just way to sentimental not to. I'm still undecided about doing at TTD session though. Right now there is no money for it but maybe down the road....
  • keeping mine. i love it too much to give it away.. maybe a cousin or daughter would want to borrow it.
  • I think I'm going to keep it for now. I would love to do a TTD session at some point, they just seem like so much fun! I don't know if I could sell it though, but we'll see...
  • Saving for now. I could actually wear it again if I had some uber-fancy event to go so, since it's not a 'real' wedding dress. But I wouldn't do another photo session, too much work and the photos wouldn't mean anything to me because they aren't from my actual wedding day.

    As for a TTD session, I spent too much damn money on my wedding to trash anything.
  • I'm kind of in your boat....not that my photog's weren't around, but that they did almost ALL candids and hardly any posed pictures of me and FI like I had asked. I keep having these mini panic attacks that I am going to hate my wedding pictures and not have any nice ones to frame b/c they will all be candid. I know I'm probably making it out to be worse than what it really is.

    Anyways....to answer your question, I am saving mine for now until I see photos as we are also considering a second session if we aren't happy.
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  • I just mailed my dress off for preservation today. (I'm going through Heritage Garment Preservation - more expensive than those sealed in a box ones you get through davids but I can take my dress out and drool over it if i want) funny enough, while it costs a lot more to have it shipped back to the states, cleaned and preserved than the $99 or $189 specials you can find that seals your dress, it turned out to be about what I would pay just to have that type of dress CLEANED here in europe.

    I'm hoping to have another photoshoot in a studio - like a 5yr annivers. present or something.
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  • Donating it to Brides against Breast Cancer!
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  • I really want to wear my gown while horsebackriding!!! and have a photoshoot in a barn and field area.

    the problem? I dont have my horse yet.

    so I am not going to package it up until i get that chance.

    but I am hoping that it doest destroy the dress... I would love to clean, preserve and keep it!

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  • i am making mine into a christening gown for our future babies!  that way it can be passed down from generation to generation
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  • Hanging on to it for now until after our sunset pictures.  Then after that...no idea!  I like the idea of turning it into a baptismal gown, etc. but we shall see.
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