Engagement Photos

My Fiance and I just did our "engagement photos" on Easter Sunday.  We were both extremely hesitant since we do not enjoy having our pictures taken, but ended up loving it!  We had such a great time with photographer Sean Bolton (  We went to a park that is quite typical for wedding pictures but he came up with some really creative ideas that gave us our own unique pictures. 

We started out fearing the photoshoot but at the end of the day we were both so sad it had to come to a close.  I had to post about our experience on this website because it was not at all what I expected and if any Philly brides want to have a photographer who is creative, flexible, and motivated then you should check out Sean.  We did some crazy shots that other photographers would have been appalled by but we are a different couple and Sean was able to work our personalities into the shoot and to go with the flow of things.  I told my fiance we are doing anniversary pictures with him every year...that's normal right? ha. 

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