Random Vent: Work Firewall

So, at work I was able to get on My Publisher online, able to download their software app to design an album, got it all done........... then bam! (like Emeril) I couldn't go any further to order it.  Apparently I couldn't connect to the internet which was a result of the firewall.  The customer service person tells me to change the firewall settings (which I can't) and that would fix it.  I had to export the album to some odd formatted HUGE file, and will try to re-open it from home (on our mini-laptop) just to show H and order it.

I'm sooooo annoyed.  The only reason I did it from work is because my laptop crashed.  These are our thank you gift for our parents.... that still aren't done 4 months after the wedding!

Vent over.  Thanks for reading.

Re: Random Vent: Work Firewall

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