Married Ladies -- How busy were you...

the two weekends before your wedding? We are getting married Oct 2nd and have save the dates for Sept 18th ( two sat before) and Sept 24th AND Sept 25th ( the fri AND sat before). I definitely know we want to go to the Sept 25th one, but we are trying to decide if the other two are worth it. One is a guy FI works with and the other is a friend of FI who I've never met. FI is torn -- would like to go to them all but I'm worried we'll have last minute things to do and these will consume both weekends. Especially the weekend before having a wedding Friday and Saturday night.
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Re: Married Ladies -- How busy were you...

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    Not quite married yet but I can give you the update on my past few weekends. They haven't been as crazy busy with major wedding stuff as I thought they would be - what's eating up all of my time is a bunch of DIY projects I saved till the last minute.  Had I started these things earlier, I'd have more time to relax now!

    Yes, you will have last minute things to do, but if you're an organized person and you know these events are coming, you can probably get a lot of stuff done early, which will leave a little time for these other weddings!

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    We were pretty calm the few weeks before the wedding.. It wasnt until about 4-5 days before that things got hectic.  I would say youre completely fine going to weddings a few weekends before.  
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    I had just about everything handled going into the week of my wedding. I had a wedding planner who kept me on track and I also kept an insane to-do list so I wouldn't forget to do anything.

    I went to a wedding one week exactly before mine. My hubs stayed later than me because I was trying to get as much sleep as I could leading up to the big day. I'm glad I did...about 3 days prior I started developing insomnia. I think I slept a total of 10 hours within 4 days...nerves I guess!
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