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April 2010 Weddings

Bachelorette parties

So just curious ladies....does anyone know what they'lre doing for their bachelorette parties yet????
MOH and I just ironed out mine.  Since I'm an old fogey, I don't want to go to a bar at all.  We're going to have dinner somewhere casual (since we have a wild group & will probably get kicked out of a nice restaurant, lol) - maybe Buffalo Wild Wings - and then having a Pure Romance party at MOH's house & will just hang out there all night with plenty to eat and drink....including spiked punch.  :)

Re: Bachelorette parties

  • I have no idea. Mine's a surprise :-)
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  • I know I am having one also, not sure exactly when yet. But the plan is to go to dinner and then to the casino near by.  I am not into the bar/club scene either so the casino it is. My honorary MOH is planning it for me, since my MOH (selfish sister- oh thats not nice of me to say)... is not into planning this stuff and in NYC (only about 1 hr away)

    Should be a fun girls night, I have been wanting to go to the casino for awhile now.
  • Mine's in the Raleigh & Chapel Hill, NC. We're all going for the weekend & Iike you we're not hitting the bars. I'm just to old for that too. There will be a lingerie (sp?) shower, afternoon at a spa, eating at a nice restaurant, etc... I'm really looking forward to it. It's scheduled for the weekend of March 12-14. When is yours?

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  • Mine is March 27.  Mike originally said let's have it 2 weeks before the wedding but that's Easter weekend, so we pushed it up one more week. He doesn't want a bachelor party either, so they're doing a Madden football tournament party at his nephew's house.
  • I kind of know but I kind of don't. I think my BMs are taking me to this place on Newbury St in Boston where you make and design your own bags. I don't know what else we are doing though. My friend who is marrying us is also trying to plan a weekend @ Mohegan Sun b/c she gets all kinds of deals and stuff from there. I have no idea when it's going to happen though!
  • Mine is 2 weeks before on March 27th. Most of it is a suprise but my MOH did tell me it will include wine tasting in Napa or Lodi (CA). Like most of you I'm over the whole club/bar scene, so a nice day w/my girls is all I want.
  • We scheduled mine for April 10.  Not sure what we are doing yet.  I'll have to do some looking.
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  • I'm not into the bar/club thing either. I wanted to see a broadway show, but its just too pricy. So I looked at some off broadway shows and picked out a few for the girls to consider. It looks like they are all choosing to see naked boys singing which is actually an off broadway show. Its supposed to be hysterical and the "blue hairs" love it! Its a 6pm show then we'll go out to dinner! :)
  • I am not even sure I will have one. There were talks about it at one time, but the girls could not make their minds up on when to do it. If I do have one, I don't really want the bar/club scene. So we will have to see what happens....
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  • I'm going just w/my MOH and her mom (who is ultra cool!) and it is a weekend leaving April 1st in the evening and coming back Sun the 4th! She is keeping it a surprise but said it includes a lot of wine, and her bf's grandparents own a winery so it might be something related to that! I am so excited!! I think my bridal shower might be a surprise b/c she hasn't mentioned anything about it to me, but wants to have a late lunch (3pm) w/me and her mom on March 6th. Who knows though!
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  • Mine is on March 27th, the weekend before mine. I have no clue what mine is its a complete surprise! Im excited though, My FI is going to Vegas for the whole weekend. I trust him just hopefully it doesn't turn out like the hangover. That would not be good lol
  • We are taking a road trip to Cocoa Beach FL on March 20th and spending all day saturday and saturday night there.
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  • Mine is April 10th, because my MOH is the youngest is turning 21 that day Foot in mouth  And I hope it is wild and cRaZy, haha!  I never had a 21st birthday, so I'm hoping to be wrapped in Christmas lights and have a weiner hat!  Bahaha - please don't judge me!  This is just my best excuse to let out all of my wedding planning frustrations and it will seem normal because it is a Bachelorette Party!

  • Oh Dani - I have one question for you..."what do tigers dream of, when they take a little tiger snooze?" hahahaha! I don't want Jeff and his friends to go out there just cause they would WANT to be like the movie! Laughing

    I'm not sure what's planned for mine. I told my sister I REALLY don't want to do the bar thing, but we'll see what she makes me do. I want whomever can meet at the local horse racing track for races all day (so far scheduled Bach-Party for March 6th), because I love going to the races, then maybe get a couple of hotel rooms and just get drunk at the hotel's pool. But, like I said, we shall see...
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  • All I know right now is it is scheduled for the weekend of March 20th.  I've told my girls I'm perfectly fine with doing something low key so we'll see what they come up with.
  • Mine is April 10 too!  Only 6 days before the wedding!!  My MOH lives in Portland, Oregon and is coming out that day so she can be a part of the B party --

    I have made a request of dinner and comedy club... So we will see!

    How fun!!

  • I'm not even sure what day mine is. If you recall, I was the one who had the issue with girls wanting to attend my FI's bachelor party. I think this has pretty much been resolved - all of the guys said no way to having girls there so my FI broke the news to his female friend. Now I don't know if we're doing mine the night we originally planned (March 20th) or the same night as the boys (April 10th), which is what I wanted from the beginning. 

    If it's the same night as the boys, we will have all of the guys/girls pre-game at our apartment and then head into NYC and go our separate ways. I told the girls I wanted to do dinner somewhere reasonably priced- we were thinking Carmine's - and then head to a comedy club or some sort of show.  Laurie, I may tell them to look into Naked Boys Singing!

    BTW, the bachelorette and the shower are both very frustrating for me. I'm sort of Type A and want to control everything but I have to step back on these and let someone else do the planning. It's driving me crazy!

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  • All I know is we're going to Charleston, SC March 19-21. And some mention of a penis straw was made --- yes I am okay with being "that girl" :)
  • A few of my friends in the area (none of my BM's kus they are all out of town) are planing to take me to Charlotesvile in VA for a weekend in March to go wine tasting at all the wineries.  Now that is my kind of weekend  :)

    Some others have mentioned taking me out one night closer to the date when some of my BM's could be there, but we will see.  Probably just dinner and hanging out.
  • Mine is March 26-28 and we are going to VEGAS!! Seeing as we only live about 6 hours away :) Girls weekend in Vegas sounded like a great idea!! Fi is also going to Vegas but March 9-11
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  • LOL Rachel. Nothing wrong with being "that girl."  :)  I won't be surprised if MOH gives me a peeniz straw either; I just dn't want to go to a bar.

    And I'm LMAO at Freckles too - EVERYBODY has to have a 21st birthday so whoop it up girlfriend!!

    My crazy, hoop-de-hoo girl friends all had the drunken, stripper b parties but it's funny how bachelorette parties have taken on a different turn these last several years.  Not going to a bar or club was almost unheard of in hte 90s but lately it seems that people are branching out and doing alternative activities to spend time with the girls and leaving the strippers and body shots behind. I love it!
  • We are doing dinner, pole dancing and a bar....I just don't have any idea of where these things will be taking place. LOL
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  • my b-party is the last weekend in february and i'm so stoked. my bridesmaids are flying in and it's going to be wild and crazy. the only thing i know at this point is that i'm supposed to rock it in pink attire and black chucks and we're getting a party bus. i'm not the party girl i used to be, so having an excuse to go out and dance my little fanny off sounds fan-freakin-tastic to me!! :)

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  • Oh man, these sound so nice, and FUN... can I join you gals???  I have no idea if I will even have a b-party.  My sister, from the day we got engaged, was all about planning one, but now she's in San Diego for school and I doubt I'll even see her before the wedding.  :(  And my maid of honor may have to make an extended trip out to CA too... 

    Certainly not opposed to being forced to join them out there, haha, would be a great way to see a couple old friends I've invited to the wedding who it's looking like won't be able to make it... but alas, no one's suggested such a thing.

    When my MoH asked me about doing a bachelorette party she asked me if I wanted a stripper and I said "schmell no!"  I get embarrassed at even the mention of a *cough*penis*cough*.  But would love to go out for a night of dancing or something.

    We'll see.  Trying not to be bummed but I have to admit this week it's hitting me that everyone's so far away.  Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised!  

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  • I didn't think I was having one. But, I just found out that my MOH is coming up here the 1st weekend in March from Memphis (to Indianapolis) and is throwing me one. It's supposed to be a surprise but FI has a big mouth Wink
  • I've been talking to my MOH about it and a lot is a suprise, but I do know a few things. We'll be staying at a condo for the weekend and we're going to theme part of it (probably the night we go out) like they do in the movie The Wedding Date (they dress up as slutty golfers). I'm excited to find out what else is going to happen.
  • [QUOTE]Kiki  - you can come to mine! I'll be fun. :)
    Posted by ncsu4ganne[/QUOTE]

    Hee hee thanks GeorgeAnne!  How cool would that be, if we could all do an April Knottie's b-party?! 

    You guys are gonna have a blast! I love the Raleigh-Durham area (and it would be nice to get away from the New England cold)! 

    And just before St. Patty's Day... gonna go for any green beer?  ;)

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