My sister said Casey was really nice.  She explained why she used the colors on her, pink for her eyes because she has blue eyes.  

I was interested in airbrushing, but Casey said she doesn't like to do it on women once they are about 30 because it draws attention to fine lines.  Which is good to know.  

My mom and sister both really liked her and we booked her.  My mom and I will go in Dec for trials, my mom just wants one I guess.  

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    Thanks for your review on this.  I'll do the trial and see how it goes.  I'm mostly concerned with cost though b/c none of my bms want it done so it would just be me.  I'm not sure if the travel cost on top of the price is worth it for just myself.  I'll see how much I like the makeup.  Thanks again!
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    My mom, sister, FMIL, FGMIL will all get theirs done and I am thinking of paying for my 3 other BM as well.  

    It was between her and Cheekadee for the cost of me and 4 people at Cheekadee I could pay for all the BM with Casey.  
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