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So, Danielle pretty much saved our wedding. The coordinator from our venue sucked a big one and things would have been significantly worse if we hadn't of hired Danielle. We're writing up a good letter of rec for her but also want to do a little something extra. I'm all for just a general tip, but thought I would check to see if you had any other suggestions for something she might like, such as a gift card to a restaurant or shop or something like that. Any ideas you or one of the other gals who used her have would be great!But seriously, Bernadette, your vendors being a dream team is an understatement, cause they were all hella awesome. Of course the only vendor we had big issues with was the venue, the one thing we booked that wasn't recommended to me on the knot. I think I'm also just ticked that our guest list ended up being so much lower than we had originally anticipated that we could have fit in Cathedral Pines after all, and that bums me out since it's so beautiful! So yeah, thanks to you all for such fantastic recommendations!

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    Danielle was our lifesaver too:-) We hired exactly one month prior to our wedding cause our DOC wasnt communicating well with me. We gave a danielle a generous tip and put a good review on the
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    We're using Danielle for our wedding, I am so glad to see these posts! Not that you had near disasters, that totally sucks, but that she was a lifesaver for you. That is a huge load off my mind, to know that whatever may happen, we will be taken care of.
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