Best time to get married?

Hi. I need advice and opinions.  My FI and I have to decide what time to get married. Our ceremony venue: 10AM, 1PM, 4PM and 7PM. A 4 hour reception would follow. I think 7PM is too late. We know most ceremonies start around 4PM. Is 10AM or 1PM too early? TIA

Re: Best time to get married?

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    I would choose 4pm for sure. 4-5 ceremony 5-6 cocktail hour, 6pm dinner
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    We got married at 4pm.  I think 1pm or 4pm are your best options (only b/c I think 7pm is too late & I think 10am would be really difficult to get everyone ready in time!). 
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    We are doing 10am because we really want to serve breakfast and it is an easy way to save money.  Plus, we fly out that night for our honeymoon.  We are doing first look pics at 8am, I know it is super early, but I know I won't be able to sleep anyways.  I agree about 7pm being a little late.
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    We are doing 10am because we liked the idea of starting the day off with our marriage. We only have 50 guests, so getting ready in time is not much of an issue for us. We are early-birds!! lol
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    I definitely like 4 pm, too, but I think it just depends on what type of wedding/ceremony you want. Earlier would be more casual and would probably be a little cheaper, whereas later I think would be more traditional and formal. But I don't think you can go wrong...if people want to be there, they'll be there whether it's early or late! Good luck!
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    What day of the week are you getting married?  Is it a indoor or outdoor ceremony?I wouldn't go any earlier than a 1pm ceremony.  I'm doing a 7pm sunset ceremony because that's something FI thought would be memorable and beautiful in pictures.  If your crowd is into dancing the night away, then a 4 hour reception after a 7pm ceremony would be fine.
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    4pm is the norm. I did a 4pm at it times out perfect for people to be hungry to eat. If you did a 1pm I would not be hungry for eating afterwords cause it is in between lunch and dinner. 7pm I would be starving having to wait till 8 or 9 to eat. 10am is goo for a lunch or brunch.Is there any price difference in the times because that would make a difference too. But if there is no price difference do 4pm.
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    Thanks! Both ceremony and reception will be indoors on a Saturday. Yes, there is a price difference. 10AM is the cheapest and 4PM is the most. However, it is a $400 difference for the chapel and $1 extra per head for catering at the reception (so maybe $100 extra).
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    We're doing noon or 1pm with a lunch, and we're going to put lunch reception to follow on the invitations.  The ceremony won't be so long and our reception site serves appetizers for an hour while you are getting pictures and getting everything together.  That way people won't be starving for lunch by the time it comes.
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