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Hi all--

My fiance and I have our engagement photos on Sunday, and as we're the first of our friends to get married, we don't have much experience on what works well, doesn't, etc.  Any tips on things you did/wore/poses you loved, or things you wish you hadn't done?  Also-- what in the world do you do about lipstick/lipgloss??  I feel like I'd want to be wearing some for pictures, but I don't want to be getting his lips all red every time the photographer tells us to kiss!

Any advice welcome!

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    You could wear a shiny gloss with just a hint of color, unless you want to wear red, you may just have to re-apply a few times.

    Have you done an internet search for different photo poses? 

    Have you identified a photographer yet?  Then you could look at their website and see what kind of looks you may want.

    We did ours downtown by Union station/REI because I wanted different architecture and a park.  We went fairly natural.  Alot of the good pictures we have aren't the "staged" ones but of us really just interacting with one another.
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    Thanks Wallacje!  We are doing our photos at Red Rocks at 5 pm, so hopefully we'll be catching beautiful fall evening.  Our photographer is trystan photography-- -- but its a good idea to look at their engagement photos and see which ones are our favorites.  Thanks!

    And is gloss really the way to go, or would that get him all glossy?  I went to Clinique and they suggested their "chubby stick," which gives some color without the gloss. 

    Any more advice is welcome! :)  Thanks!
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    We just did our pictures 2 weeks ago at DU.  I am sure your photographer will give you some direction.  Just remember to have fun!  We did some "dressier" pictures and then changed into jeans and football jerseys.  It was fun and I can't wait to see how they all turn out!
    Red Rocks will be BEAUTIFUL!!!
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    I didn't look at any pictures before going to my session really at all after I looked at the photographers page.  My photographer was also a friend so we went and got a beer with her husband before hand so we were more relaxed.  the main thing I would suggest is be yourselves and have fun!  the photos we enjoy the most are the ones that our personalities and relationship shine through!  As far as lips...I started with gloss and ended the day with chapstick haha I mostly didn't feel like reapplying!

    Here is our slide show link if you want it:
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