Demetrios at Macy's Cherry Hill

Any feedback on the Demetrios salon at Macys in cherry hill, good/bad?  I found a dress there that I absolutely love and am thinking about ordering.  I have a few more appointments at other bridal salons I dont want to cancel, but in case this dress really is the one, I wanted to see what experiences others have had with this salon.


Re: Demetrios at Macy's Cherry Hill

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    My sister bought her dress there. If you buy a dress there, I would get it altered elsewhere.
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    i almost bought a dress there! and have a friend that did but i found another dress somewhere else. my friend had excellent service there though. and they were super nice to me

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    My FSIL got her dress there.  No problems to report.  She actually put a deposit down on a different dress but when she brought her mom back, her mom wasn't crazy about the first dress so they let her switch it without losing the deposit.  She didn't do alterations there though.
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    Thanks for the input!  They were perfectly lovely when I was there last week so I have a good feeling about it!  The dress I love is not simple and will need an experienced alterations department/person so I'll have to give that some additional thought.
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