Somehow you were in one of my dreams last night, but not in a freaky way.  I was at your wedding and you decided to change into a "fun" dress for the reception.  The fun dress was rediculous but you wore it so proudly!  It had light green tulle (like a tutu almost) at the top around your chest with a white bow attached to the front, then the bodice was white and like the slutty prom dresses where there are bows tying it together in the front leaving gaps of skin showing through and each bow matched the one on your tulle.  The bottom was like a white taffeta skirt, but it was short.  Random!

I also had a dream that I got Dior snow boots at a really good sale and was bragging about it to everyone I saw.  Which is even more random because I'm not a label wh0re and don't own anything Dior.

Apparently I had fashion on the brain last night.

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