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May 2010 Weddings

Hey May Brides

Hey everyone! How about we get to know each other a little better.where your from-Date of your wedding-colors-anything interesting about yourself-

Re: Hey May Brides

  • I love these kinds of things. where your from- Orange County NYDate of your wedding- 5/21/10colors-black, white and pinkanything interesting about yourself- I'm working FT while finishing up my last semester of grad school and FI and I just adopted a cat :)  
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  • where your from- Kanawha County, WV Date of your wedding- May 1, 2010colors- pink and whiteanything interesting about yourself- I love to cook and entertain, I can't wait to host parties in our new house!
    Two souls and one thought, two hearts and one pulse image Anniversary
  • I'm currently living right outside of Huntsville, AL in a city called Madison....Wedding date:  May 30!!!colors:  so far, cornflower and whiteSomething interesting about myself:  hmmmmm......  I have an irrational fear of clowns, birds, and crickets....  I drive a 19 year old car that I would bawl over if I ever have to get rid of it (affectionately named "the Beast")..... I have 4 cats, a dog, and a turtle!!
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  • where your from- Houston Date of your wedding- 5/1/2010 colors- Pink, Orange, and Green aka Sherbert Colors anything interesting about yourself- ummm, I'm never good at thinking of fun "me" facts, so until I come up with something more interesting my answer is: FI and I have two dogs and two cats, I work for a nonprofit organization, and I am going to be my MOH's MOH in her wedding that is in February :)
  • Where you from: I was born, raised, & live in Houston TXDate of your wedding: May 29, 2010!!!!!!Colors: Sage green and blackAnything interesting about yoursel: hmmm...I have two amazing dogs.  Cinder is my Black Lab and she's 10 and Molly is my Red Heeler and she is 4!  Those are my babies!!!
  • Where you from: Crystal, MN Date of your wedding: May 22nd Colors: Grape, Black, Silver and a little white Interesting fact: I have a dog and cat and they are like my childeren lol
  • Erinel - I'm going to be the MOH in my MOHs wedding in March - crazy. :)where your from -  Philadelphia, PADate of your wedding -  05/30colors -  Celadon Green, lavender, and white.anything interesting about yourself-   The CEO of my company gave me a "Gold Star" for a project I'm working on, and had to talk to him about today without notice! :)
  • where you're from- originally Grand Rapids, Michigan (wedding locale!) but I have lived in Chicago for 8 yearsDate of your wedding- 5/29/10colors- turquoise, teal, pink, orange, green...I like too many colors!anything interesting about yourself-I just finished getting my MBA and I have worked in the chocolate business for 4 years
    Lindsey & John
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  • Where your from- Las Vegas, Nevada (my home now) Date of your wedding- May 15, 2010Colors- Royal (Horizon) Blue, Tiffany Blue, & WhiteAnything interesting about yourself- I have been a girl scout leader for 9 years, I have lived in Korea, Germany and all over the United States. Other than Germany my favorite place that I have lived is Monterey, CA  
  • WHERE ARE YOU FROM: Im from Toledo, OHDATE OF WEDDING: May 29, 2010 WEDDING COLOR SCHEME: chocolate brown, sky blue, ivoryFUN FACTS ABOUT ME: im officially LEGAL (21) yay me!  me and my FI just purchased our dining room table! awww lol and i love to dance! :)
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  • where you're from- Cap City (Richmond), VA lolDate of your wedding- May 29th!!!!!colors- Black and Fuchsia!!!anything interesting about yourself- Im probably the youngest on here getting married!
  • where you're from- Atlanta, GADate of your wedding- 5/29/10colors- turquoise, teal, pink, orange, green...I like too many colors! (I copied this from someone else because our colors are exactly the same!)anything interesting about yourself- I love watching ghost hunters and paranormal shows but I'm terrified of them. LOL
  • Where are you from-- Houston TX, but I call Denver home (for now) Wedding Date-- 5/29/10 Colors-- Black, Pink, and Green Anything interesting about myself--I love to cook, but can't figure out how to cook for less than 4 (which is an issue since it is just FI and I)
  • Well i decided i better answer also!where your from- A small town called Dietrich in IdahoDate of your wedding- May 21colors- Navy, light blue, and silveranything interesting about yourself- Well im a senior in high school and planning my wedding for three days after my graduation. But i am also a freshman at the college of southern idaho[url=http://www.theknot.com/?utm_source=ticker&utm_medium=UBB&utm_campaign=tickers][img]http://global.theknot.com/tools/tickers/tt47c78.aspx[/img][/url]
  • K&M we are date twins and color twins! haha
    Lindsey & John
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  • Where are you from: Salt Lake City, UT Date of Wedding: May 22, 2010 Colors:  Orange and Mermaid (my fiance likes to think of the colors like the Miami Dolphins colors) Anything interesting about yourself:  We are getting married on our 5 year anniversary, and I love to cook and bake for people!!
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  • Where are you from: Oklahoma, but I moved to Missouri for college, and we're getting married in Springfield, MO Date of Wedding: May 30 Colors: navy and silver with bits of bright green Anything interesting about yourself: I'm graduating college and then getting married two weeks later... woo! :)
  • Where you are from- Boston, MA Date of wedding: May 14, 2010 Colors- Tiffany blue, white, and silver with accents of pink Anything interesting about yourself- I am the mom to one fantastic little toddler
    Marieke & Michael 5.14.10 Loving life with our 2 boys Anthony (3.22.08) and Dominic (due 2.14.11)!!!
  • - i'm in mount pleasant(charleston) sc but originally greenville,sc -may 1st 2010 - fuschia and silver(or gray) - huge dog lover especially pugs..i got two and i take them to pug meetups so they can socialize lol
  • where your from: Seattle, WADate of your wedding: May 8, 2010colors: Sunset colors - red, orange, yellow, and pink (although my bm dresses are basically eggplant colored)anything interesting about yourself: I'm a craft junkie and love to make things although I'm afraid to try scrapbooking. I have almost no DIY in my wedding plans either.
  • I'm from Belleville Michigan near Ann Arbor.We're getting married May 15thOur colors are turquoise, red  and maybe a little blackInteresting fact: I am absolutely obsessed with Tim Allen/ Home Improvement!
  • Where you are from: Louisville, KY Date of wedding: May 14, 2010 Colors: Fuschia/Hot Pink, Navy Blue, and WhiteAnything interesting about yourself: I have never been on vacation.
  • where your from- NW IndianaDate of your wedding- May 22, 2010colors- Royal blue, lighter blue, and yellowanything interesting about yourself- I am an RN, so I obviously work with a lot of doctors... I am terrified of going to the doctor's office by myself, but not afraid of them at work!
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  • I'm from California but currently live in Colorado. May 1, 2010White, sand, taupe, aubergineI am adopted. I'm super lucky, because I have an amazing family.
  • I'm from Fairfax, VA, (right outside DC) born and raised. May 22, 2010 Black, white, a splah of dark pink and a little damask I'm a full time grad student but I'm also a professionl face painter. I do kids parties, picnics, corporate events, etc.
  • I live in Arlington, Virginia. I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. May 15, 2010 purple, gold, a spalsh fo red I have a pug and I am crazy about her!
  • from ohio but living outside dc may 22 black and light pink i recently hit page 100 of my thesis, due a month before the wedding!
  • Exton, PA near PhiladelphiaMay 1st, 2010Pink and BrownI lived in Alabama for 13 years and LOVE auburn football
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  • From: San Jose, CaliforniaDate of Wedding: May 14thColors: Dark brown with a pop of dark red in the roses and gold accentsAnything interesting about yourself: I work in Clinical Research, which promotes my OCD ways!
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  • I'm in River City (Richmond), VA ( Hey Kiarra! You look familiar!) Getting married May 15, 2010 Colors are light blue, light green, and yellow. Yellow is for the flowers. Interesting thing about me...It's my birthday! I'm 23 today! :-D Stu, my FI grew up and lived in Gurley, AL in Madison.ROLL TIDE, Becca. (Hehe!)
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