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Please let me know if I am being a brat. For this whole wedding I am really trying to be accommodating and make choices that are convenient for my friends and family. So, the place my mother wanted to have my shower at is now closed. I spent all morning researching for a new place, (meanwhile coworkers are telling me I should not be doing the leg work for this and it doesn't make sense I am planning my own shower) I decided I wanted to have a high tea shower and have a cute theme with little tea sandwiches and scones etc. Everyone can wear a fun hat and it would be different and not the usual same old brunch. On my way home I met with the coordinator at the Radnor Hotel and I liked the room, the cost is reasonable and the room opens up to the garden so we can doing the presents and dessert outside. Well I was just telling my mom and she totally shot my idea down and said its too out there and because it out of her realm of normality and the cost of the brunch menu was the same we would have a bunch. Do you guys think I should tell her I want the tea? She is paying for the shower, but its my shower right? For the same price, you do get more food with the brunch vs the tea sandwiches and scones, but who needs a huge selection of brunch stuff when tea sandwiches are yummy and original? What you guys think? Should I just suck it up and go with a couple friends to tea on my own time?

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    I had no say in my shower. 
    It wound up being a Phillies theme shower at my parent's house and it was wonderful.  My bms know me very well.

    My only advice for you is that if you have people willing to plan it, let them do it.   I think your idea is cute but maybe you're mom has something up her sleeve?  I guess it wouldn't hurt to explain to your mom that you'd appreciate the tea but if she doesn't go for it and is paying, I would let it be and just appreciate the shower you're given.
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    Well since your mom is paying for it, I would say you should do what she wants.  It would probably be nice to have a wider variety of food rather than just tea sandwiches, especially if both packages are the same price.  I bet no matter what is decided that your bridal shower will be wonderful though :)
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    thank you ladies. you are both right. after i wrote this post i went to the gym, ran for an hour and gained some clarity. if she is throwing the shower for me then she can plan it. she is letting me make all of the decisions for the wedding and not pushing me towards anything i do not want, so i am grateful for that! :)
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