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May 2010 Weddings

Bachelorette party?!?!

Just out of curiosity are any of you girls having a bachelorette party? My maid of honor and I have been discussing what we might want to do. some spa time or a night at the casino with friends. Not sure yet. What are you going to do?

Re: Bachelorette party?!?!

  • We are doing a weekend in VEGAS!!! =)  I can't wait... 3 months!
  • Lucky! I bet that will be SO fun!! Laughing
  • Well, the flight isn't too bad and we are all pitching in to get one big suite so it's pretty affordable too =)  

    As far as the spa or casino- what would be most fun for you?  Maybe do mani/pedis and then go to the casino?  It's your party!
  • Well after looking at websites of the local casinos in the area I found out that one of them actually has a spa! So I think we will get pedicures during the day and hit the casino at night after dinner. Then we can go back to the hotel! I am getting so excited, it should be a great time!
  • My girlfriends are planning for us to go to Memphis. While there we will either stay in Tunica (the southern Las Vegas) or in town. Other than that, I have no idea what they have planned for me. Since both my BW (BW = best woman, can't stand maid/matron of honor) and I will be nursing children at that time, we are taking our babies with us along with her mother-in-law. We plan on making it a fun getaway.
  • We're doing a night out at one the restaurants I used to frequent with my girlfriends when I was single.  Now we go occasionally as couples, so this will be fun with no boys!  Then we're hitting a local piano bar.  And I think there's one other item on the agenda but I can't remember what it is.
  • We talked about it once and then it was never mentioned again. But we are looking at going to Atlantic City for a nice dinner and drinks and some pampering.
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  • We've talked about it.  My sister and BM are definitely more liberal and outgoing than I am- I'm a pretty conservative gal.  So I told them- no strippers, no crazy dancers . . . I'd rather just have a dinner/spa day out with the two of them.

    Plus the three of us are all over the country (Boston, NYC, Seattle), so getting together will be difficult.
  • Weekend in New Orleans with the girls. I can't wait!!
  • My sister is my MOH, she's 17, and I don't really have any close girlfriends so I'm not having one. Plus I'm not one to go out alot, I'd rather stay at home =). I'm really excited about my shower though!
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  • We are doing a beach weekend in TX.  Most of my close girlfriends live there and they are all having to fly in for the wedding, so we decided to do it there and I would fly to them.  I can't wait, and they planned it over my birthday weekend so I will get to celebrate my bithday with my family first!
  • We are doing a weekend in Vegas :] FI and his guys are coming too, so we'll have 12 people in all! We used air miles to make our flights cheaper and we're paying for the rooms for everyone.
  • Not having one! I don't feel the need to celebrate the loss of my singleness. I live in vegas so I see plenty of crazy girls on the town and really have no need for it. I am not saying you shouldn't have one. You ladies party on but I just have no desire to do any of that. He and I both agreed no crazy nights for either of us.
  • I am having one, but I'm not involved in the planning. My MOH is much more of a party girl (I had my fun and now I'd really prefer to just sit at home and be lame) so I'm a littttttle nervous about what she'll have up her sleeve but I'm really really excited. We're staying local because 2 of my BMs have daughters and all of FI's female cousins are married with children as well and all I want is to have everyone there.I do know this: it is Sex and the City themed (my favorite thing in the world)!!
  • not a crazy rowdy night, but i'm having one.  probably the week before the wedding, since all of my BMs are out of state/country.  we'll probably just head downtown, have some drinks, and do something embarassing. haha.
  • I know my girls are doing one for me, but they haven't released any details. They like surprises, while I hate them. evil evil ladies i have

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  • We're doing mine on may day and I have no idea what it's going to entail.  I'm guessing dinner and drinks on the town.  Nothing crazy but just an evening with all the best ladies in my life.

  • hayleymajayley:  when are you going to Vegas?  Our guys are going the same weekend too, but we're staying in different hotels and my moh and his bm have coordinated it so that we don't see each other until the big group brunch on Sunday.  Viva Las Vegas!!
  • My MOH asked/hinted about the party when she was visiting during Thanksgiving. All of my BMs are from OOT to where the wedding will be. A few of my close friends have also mentioned arranging the bachelorette party, so I might ask them to do it or to help out MOH. We'll probably end up having it a few days before the wedding since everyone will be there.
  • I am going out to dinner with FMIL and one of my BMs on the night that FI goes and has his bachelor party. I didn't want a bachelorette party.
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  • We're going April 30th to May 2nd.  Haha I can't even remember what hotel we are staying at! And I bought the hotel reservation with the best man's expedia account so I never got an email about it! We have no plans at all, we just know when we are showing up and when we are leaving and have a vague idea of a couple things we want to do :]
  • Aw, I'll be their a month earlier: april 2-4... have a blast!
  • You too! :] You'll have to let me know some cool stuff to do :] all I know is Chippendales and Cirque du Soleil hehehe
  • We're gonna do a nice dinner in D.C. and then a good old fashion girls sleepover. That hasn't happened in years and probably won't happen again, so i'm looking forward to it.
  • My moh is throwing me two bachlorette parties-- I'm not 100% sure why, but I'm assuming it has something to do with my FI sister not being 21, either way I'm suuuuper excited for both of them!!!

    If I know my girlfriends (and I do!)-- I'm positive that one of the parties will have a lot of: booze, dresses, dancing, and some blow up, um, male anatomy!

    I told FI's best man that he deserves a bachelor party like the one in The Hangover. 

    We figure, we only get one bachelor/bachlorette party-- we're going all out! haha
  • Like some of you out there, my fiance and I don't feel the need to celebrate our single lives. I'm 25 and hes 30 so we had our time to go out and do all that kind of stuff. We're going to have a joint bachelor/bachelorette party to celebrate us getting married instead of our single times
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