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Undergarments for dress

Today I called and scheduled my appointment with the dress shop for my first fitting. Of course she reminded me to bring my shoes and undergarments to the appointment. I knew I needed the shoes but I guess I assumed they would have undergarments at the store that they would recommend or try to sell me. Unfortunately, the last bustier I tried on there with my dress didn't fit very well so maybe I don't want to purchase one through them. Which leaves me wondering where I should start looking for a bustier. Did you girls get yours from your dress shop, a department store, online? My dress is strapless so I think I'm looking for a bustier that holds up "the girls" (which aren't very big) and hold the ol' tummy in too. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! TIA!

Re: Undergarments for dress

  • I got mine from David's Bridal. It's super comfy and pretty supportive, great for keeping the tummy in too.
  • I got my dress at David's Bridal and the first thing my consultant did when I walked in was get me a bustier and a slip.  I ended up buying those because they fit so well.

    Prior to that, I had looked online using some recommendations I had gotten on another board (maybe the Dress board??).  I don't remember any of the places I went and my computer crashed since I did it so I no longer have those places saved in my favorites...sorry  :/

    Good luck!

  • I'm going to sears to get one of those spanx things. I wore my mom's to a wedding I went to a few months ago and even though it was a size to big it fit pretty well. I'm hoping that will work.
  • I bought spanx on ebay (less than 1/2 the price) and plan on having cups sewn into the dress. I had cups sewn into my high school grad dress and it was fine back then, so I'm sure it'll be ok for this too. My dress has a corset back so it'll help keep things in place.

    FYI spanx also has a 'lower end' version at target called assets.
  • You could also find a specialty bra store or go to nordstrom's.  They should have something.
  • I would say go to a department store or Victoria's Secret- they keep the shapeware toward the dressing rooms.

    My dress isn't strapless, but it's low back.  I bough a converter bra from VS (on sale!!) that has the low back option and clear straps.  For the bottom half, I got the super spanx.  My mom and sister laughed, because they're the kind that come right up under your bust.  But my gown is a sheath, and I didn't want any rolls or bumps from my bra peeking out.

    I noticed that Marshalls and TJMaxx started carrying more shapeware options. You could try looking there!
  • My dress is a pretty heavy material and it has the corset back, so I'm just planning on having cups sewn in and some regular ol lacey underoos :]
  • I'm going with spanx. Most pp on the knot seem to like them. I would like to have cups swon into my dress becase me and strpless bras have never gotten alone. I don't knoe how good that would work either. I'm DD.
  • I'm pretty small-chested too and I'm just having cups sewn into my dress. It's easier and adds some boob without needing to worry about a bra line peaking out or having another layer on. I bought a crinoline (my dress didn't have one) online that has a waist "cinch" providing a slimming effect.
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