Open Aire Affairs : Elm Lowe

I am curious if anyone is familiar with Elm Lowe? I heard it was being sold, so maybe it isn't even an option. Is Open Aire Affairs difficult to work with? I have read a few negative comments in regards to this. I am currently in a long distance realtionship with my finace which makes planning a wedding difficult. I am from lower Bucks County and he is from Washington State. When we are together, we are often overseas so any info would be helpful... because our research is limited to pictures on the internet websites!
Also, my realistic budget for the 80-100 guests is $55 a head. Any ideas on caterers who can do this? It will be a Church wedding...I just need a reception site only. I haven't solidified a date yet either...July of 2011 is the goal but the end of Feb/beginning of March is a possibility.
Thanks for any input!
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