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May 2010 Weddings

Which hand?

Do you wear your ring on? I always thought you wore it on the left hand but lately I've been noticing that some girls wear it on their right hand? Which one is it? haha Its been bugging me since I noticed. 

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Re: Which hand?

  • My right hand ring finger is already occupied! My Ering is staying right where it is :)
  • That is so funny. I have never heard of wearing it on your right hand.
    I'm always going to keep ot on my left.
  • Thanks, I think I will stick to my left....that finger has a nice little permanent ring tan and indention from 6 years of wearing a ring on it. 

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  • Left...I associate the "right hand rings" with single girls who buy themselves diamon rings but are not engaged - they simply wanted some bling. :-)

    I will wear my wedding ring first and then the e-ring on top of it after we get married. Eventually I'll switch to just the wedding band (probably after we have kids when it will be more practical - my e-ring is raised and can snag on things easily if I'm not careful).
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  • There are many theories as to why this particular finger came to symbolize marriage. Both the ancient Romans and Egyptians believed that a vein - called the vena amoris in Latin - ran directly from that finger to the heart.

    In medieval England, a bridegroom would slide the ring part way up his bride's thumb, index and middle finger, saying "In the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost" as he passed each one. He then put the ring on the next available finger - the third finger of the left hand. This practice was finally formalized in the 1500's when Henry VIII's son authored The Book of Common Prayer, which gives English modern Protestant wedding vows and decrees on which finger our wedding rings should go.

  • I've never heard of it being worn on your right hand, always left. I'll put it on my right hand for the wedding ceremony but afterwards its going over my wedding band on my left hand and never moving =)
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  • left- and once we are married i will wear both on my left hand.
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  • i thought right hand rings were for purity rings or promise type rings??....i have only heard of wearing your engagement ring on your right hand for your ceremony and switching it over afterwards.....never heard of wearing it on the right hand on a regular basis
  •  someone else just mentioned to me that in the gay community it is worn on the right hand as a sign of commitment
  • I would definitely say left hand!! When I think of someone wearing it on their right hand it makes me think  they don't want others to know they are married. Hmm...I am not going to have a wedding band because my Ering is big enough by itself and there are diamonds on both sides of the band so should I just have FI's Best Woman hold onto it during the ceremony until he puts it on my hand?
  • yes, i would let her hold on to it...if you don't the exchange of rings will be awkward with just you placing one on his finger
  • In America, it's traditonal to wear your rings (any/all/both) on the left hand.  But in Europe and African cultures, it is tradition to wear your wedding band on your right hand.

    Also, like midnite mentioned, many gay couples who live in states that have not legalized same-sex marriage wear wedding bands on their right hand to symbolize their commitment.
  • I currently wear it on my left hand and will wear both on the left after the wedding. But durring the ceremony it will go on my right hand because your wedding band is supposed to lie closest to your heart.  But after I will be moving my ERing back over where it will STAY!
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