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May 2010 Weddings

Spring is Sprunging?

I think....and I'm a little afraid to say this and jinx myself, but I think Spring is finally arriving in Oklahoma. The Robins are back in full force, the baby spiders are out floating around on their little webs, and I see green peeking out of the dead grass. I'm hoping some crappy winter storm doesn't decide to come ruin this for me. I'm so ready for the warm weather!

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Re: Spring is Sprunging?

  • Atlanta is supposed to get a wintery mix tuesday...
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    I can't even tell you how much I hate "weather." There is a possibility of snow from October through May here in CO and it sucks.  Easter is a frickin' snowy holiday here.  That's why I planned my wedding in San Diego!  I wish I could afford to move back...
  • Yeah I hate winter, I have to stay busy during the winter because I can go into a funk really easily. I'm really affected by the lack of light and the cold. I always count down the days to Spring. 

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  • The temp is rising here is PA but it's still not quite where I can say spring is springing. We still have a chance of snow on wed but it seems like we will be getting into our raining season here shortly.
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  • I saw a robin pecking at the ground the other day. It made me happy. But then I went out to my car the other day and it was glazed in ice. That made me sad.
  • I find it crazy this year in vegas we have gotten more rain than we had the entire year of 2009. Its cold and damp and vegas isnt supposed to be this way but I heard the birds today and saw the cherry blossoms starting to bloom so I am hoping its warmer soon. Tired of turning the heat!!!!
  • The sun finally came out in CT today after an entire week of grey, rain & snow mix.  Fun.

    I am consoling myself by online shopping for summery dresses for the HM. :-)
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  • Grrrr.... It's supposed to snow here tomorrow!  I HATE WINTER!!!
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  • I'm sorry, but I have to say I'm hoping for at least one more big snow storm!  I love snow.  Plus, unless it stays cold during the spring here, my magnolia's won't be out at the wedding.  They'll bloom too early, and then I'll just have green grass covered by dead and rotting magnolia petals.
  • All of the snow if finally starting to melt here. We had 11 inches on our back deck over the weekend. I can't wait for spring to get here!

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  • March is our snowiest month usually... FI is convinced we are going to get snow on the wedding day, oh well at least white goes wtih everything
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