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May 2010 Weddings

Holy F#$%!

It is exactly 1 week now.....where did the time go? Am I nervous? eh....way more excited and ready. :) Now for the REAL fun! 

Oh and I start my period this week which usually makes me a raging biitch from hell plus its the week of my wedding? Its like the perfect storm....this could possibly be the worst side of me to ever come out. hahaha I need a camera crew to follow me...especially during rush hour traffic where all my  held in rage comes spilling out. I know I must sound like some fundamentalist preacher speaking in tongues when I'm behind the wheel of my car at 5:00 p.m. 

congrats to the girls getting married this weekend! Enjoy it and come back with details and pics! Love you!

To the girls getting married next weekend...ALMOST THERE...if you haven't murdered anyone yet, you're doing well. :)

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Re: Holy F#$%!

  • I know the feeling.  It's one week for me too now and its just like OMG...I have so much stuff to do.  :-p
  • you might be suprised about the whole period thing... i have mine now and somehow i have had a great week. I was more relaxed this week then I was last week, even though I usually am super emotional the two days before I get it. good luck with that!
  • Holy [email protected]$@#! is RIGHT! I can't believe we're at 1 week. I'm sort of in the surreal place right now, I think it's because I'm working today so things are still kind of "normal" but as soon as 6:00 hits all hell is about to break loose. Buckle up ladies!
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