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May 2010 Weddings

sorta WR I just want to cry

Ive really started to feel the stress lately and I do pretty good through out the day but at night it all catches up to me and I just want to cry. 

I'm so stressed out about the wedding, I'm ready for it all to come together and for the day to just get here so I can be done planning. Then this whole house buying experience is just reallly hard on me. We put our offer down and now its just a waiting game and we're going on FI's credit since he has a real income while I'm finishing school and the only problem is he doesn't have a ton of credit because he's the type of guy who pays cash for everything. He has an amazing credit score but the history is just not there and I feel so helpless.

 I just want to know now if I get my house, get into grad school, and I'm ready to be married. I'm naturally an anxious person but I refuse to take medication for it (Maybe I need the drugs lol) Good news is...its making me lose weight! haha I'm trying to stay positive and my parents know I'm stressed and I'm sure FI is too especially with his test for work coming up that if he passes would double his pay. I don't want to show him how stressed I am until he has at least taken his test so he's not worrying about me. I just needed to talk...Thanks

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Re: sorta WR I just want to cry

  • Just breath. It will be ok. I'm sending knottie vibes your way hoping you get the house. Don't worry about the wedding it will be here before you know it. The next 3 months will just fly by. We are always here for you.
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  • I'm a natural stresser as well so I feel your pain. I'm sorry everything is piling up on you, but just try to keep the finish line in mind! Before we know it (allegedly) we'll all be married, you'll know about grad school, the house, etc. I definitely know how hard house hunting is, my experience has been awful so I keep abandoning and restarting the search. Good for you that you're pressing forward. Deep breaths, it WILL get better.
  • It'll be OK steph!! Take a deep breath and relax!
  • Thanks ladies! 

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  • Breathe and think happy thoughts! You'll be married in 3 months!
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  • awww, everything will work out!!!  And you know what?  Sometimes you just need to cry.  Sometimes it's good to just let it all out!!  You know you've always got us here if you need someone to talk to!!
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  • With all that going on its no wonder you're stressed. It'll be OK! Sometimes it helps to cry and get some of the stress out. I've also found exercise helps me, maybe try yoga? Or just try doing some deep breathing at home to relax. Everything will work out and in 3 short months the wedding day will arrive and it'll be a beautiful beginning to your life together!
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  • hugs!!!  it will all work out!!   :)

     if it makes you feel any better... we don't even know what city or state we'll be living in after we get married!  FI is finishing med school and "match day" for residency is on march 18th, and that's when he finds out where he's been placed (doesn't really get a lot of choice in the process, they just kinda ship you off).  kinda hard for me to job and house hunt when we don't even know what state we'll be in!  the wedding is may 1st so a mere 6 weeks or so between match day and the big day...not to mention a year or so after the big day of never seeing my newlywed husband since he'll be at the hospital 80 hrs/week!!  :) :)   but that's ok, we are a strong pair.

    you just have to let some things go and take it one day at a time, and prioritze as best as you can.  and at the end of the day, realize how lucky you are to be marrying your best friend and getting a partner for life!
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