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May 2010 Weddings

Silly Trivia.....

* Fermented honey, known as Mead, is the most ancient fermented beverage. The term "honey moon" originated with the Norse practise of consumming large quantities of Mead during the first month of a marriage.
I'm Mrs. Schlueter!! May 15, 2010

Re: Silly Trivia.....

  • That's so yummy and I am about to tell FI. He will be so pleased.
    However, I don't know if they'll have this in Jamaica ;o) Thanks for posting!
  • Awesome! We're going to Vegas for our honeymoon...We're going to go to Excaliber during the trip and I'm so excited to drink some mead! (it's a reniasance time theme so they "should" have it) I love mead when we had it at the reniasance fair!
    image I'll take ya for a ride on my Big Green Tractor! Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • I could use some mead right now! ;)
  • I think I read that somewhere the other day...
    Two souls and one thought, two hearts and one pulse image Anniversary
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