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May 2010 Weddings

I feel like I'm in college again

Last night I was up late packing so we could finish moving everything into the house today. I got 4 hours of sleep drove 2 hours to the house, worked all day long moving, lugging, unpacking, cleaning, organizing and then drove 2 hours home..... tomorrow I'm picking up FMIL and we're making another 2 hour treck back to oklahoma city to do some more organizing and one of my BM is meeting me there to help and then we are coming back....its 12:36 right now and I have to be up at 6:30.....I haven't had this little sleep since I was in college and signed up for 7a.m. classes while still refusing to give up my social life. I can relax on the honeymoon :)

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Re: I feel like I'm in college again

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